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Buttocks Shape & Size

We can’t (or don’t want to) all be Kardashians, but we can achieve our best butts through an effective butt augmentation procedure.

The Skinny

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In 2018, American Society of Plastic Surgeons certified providers performed over 30,000 butt augmentation procedures. (1) While there is no research to suggest the progressive increase in butt augmentation procedures is correlated to the advent of twerking or Kim Kardashian, no one will deny the self confidence and aesthetic benefits of a well defined rear end. Concerns over butt size, butt shape, and the contour of the buttocks can be effectively and specifically addressed through trusted surgical practices including butt implants, butt injections, butt lifts, and liposuction.

The Specifics

What is the anatomy of the buttocks?

The buttocks are primarily composed of muscle and fat. The large gluteal muscles (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus) insert onto the hip bones (iliacs), lower spine (sacrum) and leg bones (femurs).

Overlying these muscles is subcutaneous fat tissue. The horizontal gluteal crease defines the lower portions of the buttocks from the upper portions of the legs. The buttocks of women are typically larger and wider as women naturally have higher body fat percentages and wider hip bones. Women also naturally store fat in the lower body.

What causes variations in the shape and size of the buttocks?

Variations in butt size, shape, and contour can be related to innate factors like genetics or external factors. A person's body fat percentage will correlate to their buttock size, individuals who exercise regularly will naturally develop more toned and voluminous posteriors, and natural aging causes declines in size, shape, and contour.

What are the main concerns related to the shape and size of the buttocks?

When considering the buttocks cosmetically, candidates can categorize their concern under size or contour. A person who considers their butt too small relative to their body or desired shape may benefit from an augmentation procedure while those who feel their buttocks are too large, would benefit from a reduction. Likewise, those who feel the contour of their buttocks is not flattering to their body shape may benefit from a butt lift procedure.

Who may wish to change the shape or size of their buttocks?

Individuals who may wish to consider a butt augmentation procedure include those who are dissatisfied with their natural size and shape, candidates who have recently experienced significant weight loss or weight gain, moms wishing to restore their pre-baby body, or older individuals who have lost shape and definition secondary to natural aging. Those who may wish to reduce the size of their buttocks may be individuals dealing with that last stubborn area of fat that diet and exercise don’t seem to be fixing.

How can someone change the shape or size of their buttocks?

The nature of your unique concern will determine which procedure is most important. A brief outline is below.

  • For a Small Butt: Can be addressed with a butt augmentation procedure. Buttocks Augmentation via Implants (water based or silicone) and a Brazilian Butt Lift with fat grafting can provide increased volume and size.
  • For Buttock Contour: A Butt Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, truSculpt®, Emsculpt®, or BodyTite™ surgery will remove excess tissue altering the shape, definition, and overall butt contour and body contour.
  • For Large Buttocks: Large size can be altered through a reduction procedure such as liposuction.

For more information, check out our comprehensive guides to Buttocks Enhancement Solutions and Buttocks Reduction Solutions.

The Takeaway

Big booty versus small booty. Flat butts versus round butts. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it can be said the best butt is the one that complements your best body. High waisted jeans, large back pockets, personal trainers, and hours of cardio workouts will definitely get you in the right direction, however, a butt augmentation procedure can specially target your exact concern areas, and make your best butt a reality.

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