AEDIT's Editorial Team

AEDIT’s dedicated editorial team exists to ensure that all of our content upholds the highest standards of journalistic and medical integrity. Working closely with the AEDIT Advisory Board, Medical Review Board, and Provider Network, the editorial team is committed to delivering the most up-to-date and credible news, trends, and insights via The AEDITION and the Concern & Solution Database.

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As the premier technology-driven platform delivering innovative, self-service solutions tailored to medical aesthetics, AEDIT presents complex, evidence-based content in a carefully curated and streamlined way that empowers users to own their aesthetic journey — from discovery to recovery. As such, our content creation process includes:

  • Medical Review: Prior to publishing, AEDIT’s thorough concern, solution, and procedure guides are medically reviewed and vetted by a member of our esteemed Medical Review Board or Provider Network for accuracy.
  • Expert Insight: The editorial content on The AEDITION is born out of the expertise of our writers, Provider Network, and trusted experts. The information is fact-checked and edited by the trained journalists in our in-house editorial department and/or medical professionals to ensure the highest quality writing and reporting.
  • Regular Review: We regularly audit and update our content to ensure it remains as relevant and accurate as possible. Both our Concern & Solution Database and AEDITION articles are reviewed at least once a year — though changes in care standards, new clinical recommendations, drug and device approvals or recalls, and other news may lead to more frequent revision.

For a more comprehensive look at how we report, edit, and review content, please review our Editorial Process.

Meet the Team

Our in-house editorial team leads the trained journalists, subject matter experts, and medical providers at the forefront of the aesthetics, beauty, health, and wellness industries, who report on and write the content that appears across the AEDIT platform.
  • Meg Storm headshot
    Meg Storm
    Editoral & Content Director
    Meg Storm is the editorial and content director at AEDIT, where she oversees the strategy and creation of the content that appears on The AEDITION, in the Concern & Solution Database, and on AEDIT’s social media channels. After earning a B.A. in journalism and political science from New York University, she began covering the aesthetics, beauty, health, and wellness industries. Her work has appeared in Town & Country, Us Weekly, DuJour, Well+Good, and more.
  • Vivien Moon headshot
    Vivien Moon
    Senior Editor
    Vivien Moon is the senior editor at AEDIT where she oversees social media and covers aesthetic innovations, treatments, and skincare for The AEDITION. She has a B.A. in journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno, and a M.A. in fashion journalism from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, which led her to covering fashion, beaty, lifestyle, and aesthetics. Her work has appeared in Savoir Flair, Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia, and HuffPost.
  • Témi Adebowale headshot
    Témi Adebowale
    Témi Adebowale is the editor at AEDIT, where she covers beauty- and aesthetics-related topics for The AEDITION. After earning a B.A. in communications with a minor in sociology from Rutgers University, Témi started her editorial career at Hearst, where she covered various beats, including food news, fashion, the royals, and TV. Her work has appeared in Men’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, House Beautiful, Town & Country, and more.
  • Jacqueline Lazar headshot
    Jacqueline Lazar
    Social Media Coordinator
    Jacqueline Lazar is the social media coordinator at AEDIT, where she leads the day-to-day management and long-term social strategy for AEDIT’s various platforms. Jacqueline joined AEDIT upon her graduation from the University of Cincinnati with a B.S. in marketing and business administration and a minor in psychology. She is passionate about threading the complex topics of aesthetic medicine into an easy-to-understand and beautifully designed social media ecosystem.

Medical Review Board

The AEDIT Medical Review Board features board certified doctors and surgeons in the aesthetics field, who periodically fact check and medically review the concern, solution, and procedure guides that appear in our Concern & Solution Database. You can learn more about our editorial process by visiting this page.
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