CoolSculpting® (Cryolipolysis)

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive procedure that destroys fat cells by freezing targeted areas on the body via an applicator applied to the skin. CoolSculpting is commonly used on stubborn fat deposits on the stomach, hips, thighs, and chin area with best results seen after a series of treatments.

CoolSculpting® (Cryolipolysis) Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

CoolSculpting® (Cryolipolysis)
avg. recovery
5 days
Is permanent
Thermal Treatment
$2000 - $4000

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 09.23.2021

Cool Sculpting is an FDA cleared non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses a handheld device to precisely freeze and destroy fat below the surface of the skin. CoolSculpting is not a method for weight loss, but rather treating stubborn areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise. Approved treatment areas include the abs, love handles, inner and outer thighs, back, bra fat, upper arms, and underneath the chin. During a treatment session, the patient will sit comfortably in a chair to relax for the duration of the procedure. The treatment area will be cleansed and a topical anesthetic may be applied for patient comfort. A cooling gel will be applied to the surface of the treatment area before the device is applied. The applicator is then placed on the skin and the CoolSculpting device is turned on which vacuums the skin for an even and targeted treatment while freezing fat cells. Patients may feel an intense cool initially, but this feeling dissipates within the first 5-10 minutes of the hour long procedure. Once the session is complete, candidates are able to return to normal activity but may experience mild discomfort and bruising which will fade within 1 week. Candidates may need several rounds of CoolSculpting to achieve desired results.

The goal of CoolSculpting is to reduce the amount of fat in the treated area.

Recovery Notes

It is common for CoolSculpting patients to experience mild to moderate discomfort that can last for a few days. Any bruising and swelling will resolve over 1 week.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for CoolSculpting is generally in good health, has a stable, healthy weight, and has excess fat in the chin, neck, stomach, chest, hips, arms and thighs. CoolSculpting is ideal for individuals who do not want to have an invasive surgery.

Not Recommended For

CoolSculpting is not recommended for patients with cold induced conditions such as cold urticaria or Raynaud's disease. This procedure should not be performed in areas with severe varicose veins, dermatitis, or other cutaneous lesions.

Side Effects

Side effects from CoolSculpting may include pain and discomfort, redness, swelling, bruising, and sensitivity in the treatment area.


  • Noninvasive
  • proven effective


  • Takes time to see results
  • multiple treatments