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Tina C. Gage, DMD

Cosmetic Dentistry


Tina C. Gage, DMDDDS/DMD2945 Main Street, Stratford, CT 06614

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About Tina C. Gage, DMD

She has over two decades of experience and is extremely gentle. Which makes her the perfect dentist for patients who have dental fear or anxiety. She is also a graduate of the prestigious Dawson Academy, where she learned the “Concept of Complete Dentistry.” Although more time-consuming than standard dentistry, Complete Dentistry results in more consistent, predictable and healthy outcomes for your oral health. Dr. Gage is extremely thorough. Whether it’s your first exam or a complex procedure, she pays close attention to every detail, fully charting your entire mouth – existing fillings, cavities, gum recession, periodontal pockets, tooth mobility, soft tissues, cancer screening, TMJ and bite function. She’s committed to educating patients about their dental health, treatment options and preventive care. She always explains what she’s doing so you understand your treatment. She is big on continuing education for herself and her staff. She personally takes more than double the required amount of continuing dental education to ensure that her patients always receive the latest, most effective treatments. I became interested in dentistry when I was 14 and wearing braces. I always had an interest in the medical sciences, and my family dentist was a really nice and caring man. I love helping people and families live healthier lives. I’ve devoted over two decades to helping people smile and being part of their families. I’m very passionate about educating patients. I hope the knowledge I give them about their teeth and gums, and the care I give them, will help create a healthy oral environment so they can eat properly. The more they know about their oral health and treatment options, the better decisions they can make about their dental care. I am extremely sensitive to my patients and their dental and emotional needs. I am also a perfectionist who feels the need to constantly improve my skills and knowledge. My patients appreciate the fact that I am always looking for better treatments and new ways to make them smile. Dr. Gage keeps herself healthy by competing in triathlons, cooking healthy, playing English hand-bells and singing in her church choir. She also enjoys music and wine tastings.

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Top Procedures

  • Dental Bonding
  • Dental Bridges
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening

Board Certifications

Years of Experience

2024 years of experience


  • Undergraduate School: Pennsylvania State University-University Park
  • Graduate School: UConn School of Dental Medicine
  • Residency: Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT


  • English

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