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Sloan W. Hildebrand, DDS



Dallas EstheticsDDS/DMD8201 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75225

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About Sloan W. Hildebrand, DDS

Dr. Sloan Wesley Hildebrand, in addition to being one of the most qualified prosthodontists in North Texas, his collection of life experiences is something that he values as an integral part of who he is and how he cares for his patients. Plain and simple, Dr. Hildebrand became a dentist to help others. From his high-tech practice in central Dallas, to working out of a backpack serving others around the world, to pulling teeth under a thatched roof in Nicaragua, he continues to pursue this goal. These acts of service bring him true joy. Clinical excellence drives his service at home, and his love of life empowers him to treat every person with kindness and respect wherever he may be in the world. Dr. Hildebrand’s father, David, was a world renowned dentist and they practiced together at the end of his father’s distinguished career. In fact, Sloan comes from a family of dentists. Both of his brothers, several cousins and sister-in-law are dentists, and they all have experienced the life-changing power of a smile. Most importantly, Dr. Hildebrand recognizes dentistry is a profession that allows you to give back – to family and community – and he takes this responsibility very seriously. Well before attending college at Baylor University, Dr. Hildebrand enjoyed building and exploring things. From dirt bikes to tree houses, he loved experimenting and creating something from nothing. At Baylor University, Dr. Hildebrand embraced a rigorous, pre-dental curriculum. At the same time, he enjoyed being a captain on the Baylor soccer team with his brothers and they had the honor of being coached by their father growing up and at Baylor. After earning his undergraduate degree, Dr. Hildebrand graduated from The University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston, Texas in 2000. From there, he completed a one-year general dentistry surgical residency at the Denver General Health Hospital in Colorado before earning his master’s certificate of specialization in prosthodontics from Baylor College of Dentistry in 2005. As a Prosthodontist, Dr. Hildebrand is among the less than 2% of all dentists with this advanced education and training in the restoration and rehabilitation of smiles. In fact, Dallas Esthetics is one of only a handful of practices in the entire United States with multiple Prosthodontists working together to help patients recreate the beauty and function of their natural teeth. Dr. Hildebrand has continued to expand his knowledge and expertise through his participation in the prestigious Dawson Academy in St. Petersburg, FL and the Spear Institute in Scottsdale, AZ. In addition, he is president of the Dallas County Dental Society Foundation and is a leader of their Texas Mission of Mercy Program which provides free dental care to hundreds of veterans and individuals in need every year. He also serves on the board of the Christian Medical and Dental Association.

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  • Dental Crowns
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18 years of experience


  • Undergraduate School: Baylor University
  • Graduate School: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  • Residency: Denver General Health Hospital, Texas A&M University System Health Science Center- Baylor College of Dentistry


  • English

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