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Joel O. Figueredo, DDS

Cosmetic Dentistry


Creative ToothworkDDS/DMD9000 Southwest 137th Avenue, Miami, FL 33186

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About Joel O. Figueredo, DDS

Dr. Joel Figueredo joined Dr. Monterrey in August 2018 after recognizing the ideals that Creative Toothwork had succeeded in upholding. With many years of experience working with patients both in Cuba and the United States, Dr. Figueredo deeply understands the importance of treating patients as individuals rather than as impersonally as has become the norm. It was extremely important to him that he be able to get to know his patients and work with them toward treatments that best suit their needs. At Creative Toothwork, Dr. Figueredo found this commitment to patient happiness, health, and well-being. He has become part of our family and vision for what dental care should be. Dr. Figueredo has over 15 years of experience as a dental professional. He holds degrees from the Camagüey University of Medical Sciences in 1992 and from New York University in 2009. After graduating from NYU, he spent 3 years in the United States Army in the Army Dental Corps where he served on a deployment to Afghanistan and rose to the rank of Captain. Also having worked for 4 years as a dental assistant, Dr. Figueredo brings a fresh perspective toward his mission of providing the best dental care to his patients. Much like Dr Monterrey, he continues to seek out dental workshops, seminars, and other programs to continue expanding his knowledge of the best, modern dental practices.

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