Arm Slimming Solutions

A plastic surgeon can tone, sculpt, and define the upper arm with an arm lift surgery or liposuction.

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The Skinny

Body contouring with no gym, diet, or compression garments? It may sound too good to be true, but it's possible. If you’re frustrated by excess fat, sagging skin, or lack of upper arm contour, a body contouring procedure can refine and define your arm appearance (check out our complete guide to Arm Shape & Size Concerns). An arm lift or liposuction procedure with a board certified plastic surgeon will create new contours and enhance your aesthetic.


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The Specifics

Who may consider an arm slimming procedure?

A quick recap of arm anatomy. The upper arm is defined from the shoulder to the elbow. The elbow to the wrist is the forearm. There are two layers of fat in the arm, the superficial areolar and the deep lamellar. The areolar fat is pretty consistent, whereas the lamellar fat is subject to volume increases and decreases correlated to diet and weight. The back of the arm has more lamellar fat than the front so excess fat typically affects that area more.

  • Excess Arm Skin: This can be seen in men and women of any age who have experienced significant weight loss, which is amazing, but can leave skin drooping and sagging. This also will naturally occur with age as skin proteins lose their integrity.
  • Excess Arm Fat: Excess fat is correlated to high body weight and body fat levels.

What can you expect from arm slimming procedures?

So, how do we fix it? A plastic surgeon can utilize techniques to address skin and/or fat tissue depending on your unique concern. These procedures define, refine, and contour the upper arm.

  • Brachioplasty: Also known as an arm lift, this surgical procedure targets excess arm skin to tighten and tone the arm.
  • Liposuction: Liposuction removes excess fat tissue to reduce the flabby arm appearance that can develop with excess fat.

Both of these techniques will noticeably enhance arm appearance. An individual who has lost significant weight will benefit from an arm lift, whereas an overweight or older person will benefit from liposuction plus or minus an arm lift

When should you consider an arm slimming treatment?

If you’ve finally dropped the weight (yay!), but are now dealing with residual skin sagging in the upper arms then an arm slimming procedure will be beneficial. Age and high body weight/fat will also benefit from a procedure, however, the timing of the intervention is more of a personal choice. It makes sense, of course, to be in generally good health, have reasonable expectations of the procedure, and be at a stable weight/fat level.

Why should you consider an arm slimming procedure?

Why pursue an arm slimming procedure? Here are some ideas: to look tight and toned without the gym time, to look amazing sleeveless, to celebrate your weight loss triumph, or to show off those muscles you’ve been working hard for that are stuck under some stubborn fat and loose skin.

Brachioplasty for Arm Slimming

Brachioplasty (a.k.a. arm lift) allows a plastic surgeon to be Michelangelo sculpting the perfect David on your upper arm.

Liposuction for Arm Slimming

Liposuction is basically a fat-removing vacuum, and certain liposuction can even alter skin and muscle. Details below.

Non-Surgical Arm Slimming

These non-invasive treatments, allow you to tone and tighten without going under the knife.

The Takeaway

Excess fat, loose skin, sagging skin, and significant weight loss can all create an undesirable upper arm appearance. A board certified plastic surgeon can utilize an arm lift or liposuction procedure to remove excess fat, tighten and tone skin, and even improve muscle tone.

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