I Tried The Red Carpet Facial That Celebrities Swear By

Stars usually stay mum about their skin secrets, but there’s one treatment they’re not shy about disclosing: the Tracie Martyn Red Carpet Facial. Here’s what it’s like.
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Written by Vivien Moon
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I Tried The Red Carpet Facial That Celebrities Swear ByDenis Makarenko/Shutterstock

Anybody who has covered awards season knows that the prep to look good on the endless string of red carpets is, in and of itself, a full-time job. Of course, there is the stylist who locks down the outfit, but then there are the beauty experts – from the makeup artists to the hairstylists to the manicurists to the aestheticians to the tanning experts – that bring the entire look together with the glam.

You don’t have to be a professional to know that the foundation of any beauty look is healthy skin. And while we’ve come to accept that most celebrities are notoriously secretive about their nips and tucks, there’s one treatment that’s so good, they’re regularly sharing it on social media. Enter the Tracie Martyn Red Carpet Facial.

While I had no red carpet to attend, I couldn’t pass up a chance to try the beloved Red Carpet Facial at the highly sought-after Tracie Martyn spa in New York City. Would it be as transforming as the A-listers say? If it’s good enough for Rihanna, Madonna, Irina Shayk, and virtually every Hollywood ‘It’ girl on the scene, I needed to know if it can deliver the glow, lift, and contour to someone who doesn’t have a pampering army behind them (i.e. me). Here’s how it went.

What Is the Red Carpet Facial

“The Red Carpet Facial is a specially curated experience that helps de-puff, lift, and contour the face to help prepare you for a special event and to look your best,” explains Marius Morariu, the co-founder of Tracie Martyn. “The facial includes crystal-free diamond microdermabrasion, microcurrent therapy, and a relaxing LED light bath.” He says the treatment has a fanbase that turns to it no matter the star-studded occasion (think: the Met Gala, Academy Awards, etc.) thanks to its multifaceted benefits.

While you may be familiar with the modalities that comprise the facial, you’ve definitely never experienced them quite this way. “It’s the complexity that gives you the results – not just the technology but the technique,” Morariu shares. “It’s an unusual combination, but the ‘resculptor’ is at the core of it all.” So, what is the resculptor, you ask? “It has unique wavelengths, and we call it Beyond Microcurrent® because you get faster results,” he notes.

The high-tech approach to skin rejuvenation is specially designed to pack the punch of more invasive treatments in the gentlest way. “Paired with the RedSculpt RadioTightening – which is a form of radiofrequency that uses LED light – we’re using it at a frequency where you don’t need any anesthetic,” he explains. “The synergy between the resculpting and radiotightening techniques boosts collagen while enhancing the quality of collagen to keep you glowing.”

And then there is the topical skincare component. “Every single skincare product has different ingredients,” Morariu says. “We are exfoliating and building up the skin to be nourished.” As he explains, the treatment starts with a cleanse and Enzyme Exfoliant to “give you a fresh canvas” and works towards moisturizers to hydrate the complexion. “Additionally, it concludes with an oxygen mist with peptides to give you the radiant appearance,” he adds.

For those wondering, it is possible to try the facial at home (sans the tech, of course) for a quick glow up. “You can get the whole [skincare] regimen and do an at-home facial yourself,” Morariu shares. “While it won't provide the same results, you can enhance your at-home routine.”

The Experience & Results

The entire facial appointment lasted about an hour and worked like a time machine taking years off my face. By starting with what can only be described as a transcendental full-body LED light bath accompanied by sounds of waves crashing, it’s safe to say it was worth it for the relaxation alone. However, it only got better with each step – from the skincare to the Beyond Microcurrent® technology.

Immediately, the visible effects were a sculpted jawline and lifted cheekbones courtesy of the lymphatic draining powers of the microcurrent. For somebody with rounder features and a bit of bloat, I looked contoured and sculpted in ways I never have before. It felt as though I’d had a full-spectrum facial rejuvenation procedure through a calming trip to the spa.

Maintaining the Glow

As for the post-facial care, Morariu’s instructions were clear and easy to follow. “I love that people have a life outside of their treatments,” he says. “You want to enjoy it.” Even so, you’ll need to put in the effort to maximize the benefits. “I always say to balance it – you have to detox before you retox,” he adds. “Stick to your routine, sleep well, and eat right, but enjoy your life and enjoy the glow!”

When it comes to eating right, the recommendations are the same whether you are hitting the red carpet or heading home on the subway. He suggests skipping high sodium (a.k.a. dehydrating) foods in the days following treatment to avoid interfering with the sculpting results. Considering he doubles as a holistic nutritionist and his skin has an unmatched youthful glow, I was willing to follow any rule he set out for me.

The rest of my day was consumed with mirror glances and phone checks to confirm that the results were not an illusion courtesy of the well-lit Tracie Martyn spa. And while I was thrilled with the instant results, the real test was in the days following. “You don’t have to do this on the day of your special event, we have people come in a few days before their weddings, parties, birthdays, anything where they want to look good,” Morariu says.

Abiding by his post-facial instructions, I avoided salty foods, kept my water bottle filled, and mostly stuck to my regular skincare routine. As someone who has used an at-home microcurrent device for a prolonged period, I knew that in-office treatments were supposed to be more potent and lasting. To test this, I stowed away my microcurrent device and saw the pro results linger for a few days following treatment. Had I resumed using my NuFace Trinity right away, I probably could have maintained the effects even longer.

The Red Carpet Facial obviously works wonders for the face, but what about the rest of the body? “We do the resculpting body treatment with different settings for those wearing sleeveless gowns or who want to show some leg and feel great,” Morariu says. “We can make you feel great from head to toe.”

The Takeaway

By combining potent skincare ingredients with innovative technology, the Tracie Martyn Red Carpet Facial pulls double duty. It delivers a megawatt glow, while also toning the cheeks and jawline. It’s clear why stars can’t get enough of this experience. The results are instant and speak for themselves. If you’re watching the red carpet this season and find yourself wondering what they've had done, there is a good chance it included a visit to the Tracie Martyn skin haven.

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