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Douglas W. Vierra, DDS, Cosmetic Dentistry San Jose, CA

Douglas W. Vierra, DDS

Cosmetic Dentistry


Plaza Dental GroupDDS/DMD4205 San Felipe Road, San Jose, CA 95135

About Douglas W. Vierra, DDS

I am proud to be a dentist. It enables me to work with a great group of dedicated people, united to help others. As a profession, we strive to educate and prevent disease. We constantly work to improve techniques and materials to better care for the dental needs of the community. I am consistently inspired by the leaders and educators of the dental community. Together, we work to create a healthier world. Dentistry is a complex and exacting science. After 30 years of practicing, I feel I still have more to learn, and I am motivated by the challenge to become better, so I can meet the needs of my patients, which is my highest priority. To be able to provide exemplary, comfortable care I have to be highly skilled in technique, and sensitive to the individual patient’s fears, anxieties, and concerns. Each person requires a unique, personalized approach, and I thrive on those complexities. I am committed to pursuing continuing education offerings, through attendance at the California Dental Association science sessions and the American Dental Association conferences. I also take oral healthcare education courses through the University of the Pacific, the University of California San Francisco Dental School, and the Santa Clara Dental Society. Through my extensive continuing education studies, I have developed skills in most dental specialties, which enables me to offer expertise in a wide range of oral health services. I grew up in Palo Alto and have lived in San Jose, CA for more than 25 years. My family is composed of my wife Nancy and four daughters: Jenell, Kristin, Amanda, and Ella. When I’m not in the office, I love family outings, playing golf, tennis, and soccer, going skiing, and tinkering around the house. I’m very passionate about exercise, knowing that it’s critical to stay physically and mentally strong.

Professional Title


Top Procedures

  • Dental Bridges
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Treatments
  • Teeth Whitening

Board Certifications

Years of Experience

37 years of experience


  • Undergraduate School: University of California-Santa Barbara
  • Graduate School: University of California-Los Angeles


  • English
  • Persian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog

Offerings & Procedures Performed by Douglas W. Vierra, DDS

  • Gums

  • Teeth

Gums Procedures addressed by Douglas W. Vierra, DDS

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