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Courtney Elizabeth, Tattoo specialist

Tattoo Artist (Microblading)


Coven Lash And Beauty Studio Inc.Tattoo Artist (Microblading)6370 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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About Courtney Elizabeth, Tattoo specialist

Courtney Elizabeth is the owner & main operator of Coven Lash and Beauty Studio. She is a licensed cosmetologist & certified lash technician with over 12 years experience in the beauty industry. She has colored, cut, and styled hair for over a decade, specializing in hair extensions, but due to medical problems, could no longer stand all day for long periods of time. Courtney is very passionate about the beauty industry & wanted to remain involved with it, so she decided to get her lash extensions certification & quickly fell in love with doing lash extensions. She likes to think of it as “small scale hair extensions” that she can do sitting down, sparing her medical problems from affecting her work. Courtney went to work at lash bars but soon came to realize that she had found many faults with most of the current lash industry she was finding in Los Angeles. She noticed there were multiple communication problems between many of the customers & lash technicians, like not being able to properly convey the different styles & shapes of lashes available to the clients, after care instructions being either not given at all or being improper, and clients not being given information on the lashes or products used on them. All of these things leaving unhappy or misinformed clients. And don’t even get her started on the sanitation & improper procedure issues she saw! Courtney decided that she wanted to create a safe haven for lash lovers to come to (a “coven” if you will, ha), where they knew they could be properly informed, could communicate any questions or concerns, & they would be having their lashes done safely by licensed and certified professionals and in an environment where sanitation & their happiness was the top priority. She also knows how unsanitary it is to apply real animal hair to human lashes and has always been against animal testing & cruelty. She wanted to have a place of business where all these values would be held high, thus Coven Lash & Beauty Studio was born.

Professional Title

Tattoo specialist

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  • Eyelash Lift

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Years of Experience

16 years of experience



  • English

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  • Face

  • Eyelashes

Face Procedures addressed by Courtney Elizabeth, Tattoo specialist

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