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John shares his journey to clear up his acne scarring with a microneedling procedure.

October 14, 2021



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Video Transcript


really excited to see my results from my treatment because I've been struggling for a long time with these older kind of chicken pox scars.

And I also have some active, actually break out what's going on here in my Forehead on.


I've heard really great things about the treatment and hoping I could see in terms of preparation for the treatment.

I didn't really change my routine at all.

Just doing my basic day least and care topical products like cleanser and a moisturizer at night in the daytime and also some Skin.


So, John, you have anything on your Skin that moment, or is it a really clean?

Okay, okay.

So I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take some topical numbing, and I'm your Skin.


Wouldn't let it on there for about 30 minutes.

But you said about 30 minutes.


All right.


How's that feel?

So what this is doing is creating micro injuries into the Skin around all those micro Angelina injuries.


It's stimulating the collagen, but it's also helping Thio introduce that serum deeper into the Skin.

I'm really excited to try out this treatment because I'm a huge Skin care fan, so I'm always open to trying out a new and exciting treatments.


And I've heard really good things about this, not only from my doctor dermatologist, but also my friends tried it in the past.

I would recommend for somebody who maybe is doing it for the first time and isn't sure how they're Skin would respond to try and do it on a day where you don't have to have any commitments than next day early.


That way, if there's any chance of reaction or anything unusual for someone with sensitive Skin, they have a little bit of buffer time.

For about three days, it felt kind of Catholic sandpaper, Ear E while it was healing.


And then all of that Skin kind of exfoliated off.

And then I had a fresh layer of new Skin that felt a little bit more luminous on smooth, and I definitely noticed a difference.


After even just one treatment, the technician who performed treatment recommended about one treatment every four weeks in a series of three, so I plan to have won again any day

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