Icon 2940

The Palomar Icon by Cynosure is an aesthetic system that features the Icon 2940 which is an ablative fractional laser. The Icon 2940 hand piece can be used to treat a variety of skin concerns such as age spots, rhytides, and volume loss.

Icon 2940 Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

Icon 2940
avg. recovery
10 days
Laser/Light Therapy
$2000 - $3800

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 07.27.2021

Icon 2940 is an ablative fractional laser that is part of the Palomar Icon aesthetic system. The Palomar Icon system has a variety of hand pieces that can be used for skin resurfacing treatments. The Icon 2940 hand piece is effective in treating wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, brown spots, and volume loss due to natural aging and environmental factors such as sun exposure. The Icon 2940 is a wounding laser which ablates damaged skin and causes the treated areas to regenerate healthier skin throughout the healing process. Stimulated collagen production also improves the skin's volume and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Since the Icon 2940 is a fractional laser, the recovery process is much less involved. Fractional lasers focus the heat energy into targeted columns surrounded by healthy tissue, allowing for a quicker healing process. Before the procedure begins, the skin will be examined, cleansed, and prepped with a numbing cream. Additional local anesthetic may be applied as needed. The laser will then be applied to the treatment area, targeting concern areas with uneven skin texture, irregular pigmentation, fine lines, and other skin imperfections. The provider will closely monitor the skin to ensure an effective but comfortable session. Once the skin has been thoroughly treated, a soothing serum or ointment will be applied.

The goal of the Icon 2940 laser is to treat and diminish wrinkles, age spots, acne scarring, and volume loss.

Recovery Notes

Recovery after an Icon 2940 laser skin resurfacing treatment will vary depending on the intensity and depth of the laser settings. Most patients will experience some degree of skin redness and swelling which can last 1-2 weeks. While the skin is peeling, keep the treated areas moisturized. The skin may continue to appear red even after skin peeling has stopped. To prevent irregular pigmentation always use a broad spectrum SPF to protect skin from sun exposure.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for an Icon 2940 treatment has photo-damaged skin with wrinkling and skin laxity issues. Candidates desire a non-surgical procedure to improve skin concerns and are willing to undergo multiple treatments if needed for desired results.

Not Recommended For

Icon 2940 laser resurfacing is not recommended for use on darker skin tones due to risk of hypopigmentation.

Side Effects

Side effects from Icon 2940 skin resurfacing may include burns or other injuries from the laser's heat, prolonged erythema, skin peeling, scarring, changes in the skin's pigmentation, and infection.


  • quick healing
  • smooths skin
  • tightens skin
  • lasting results
  • improve skin quality
  • improve skin texture


  • possible multiple treatments
  • scarring
  • pigmentation changes
  • exacerbate skin disorders
  • more invasive

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