Fraxis Duo

Fraxis Duo is a combined treatment system that offers patients the benefits of both radiofrequency and laser energy. Microneedling is performed in conjunction with laser resurfacing to improve a number of skin blemishes and imperfections.

Fraxis Duo Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

Fraxis Duo
avg. recovery
18 days
Laser/Light Therapy
$750 - $750

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 08.02.2021

The Fraxis Duo system is a 2-step procedure that combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy and ablative fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. The microneedling treatment allows for deeper penetration within the layers of the skin while delivering targeted RF energy to encourage collagen and elastin production. The subsequent application of an ablative fractional laser provides additional heat energy to the treatment area for increased stimulation. While both procedures are able to effectively rejuvenate the skin on their own, the two energy sources together allow for a multi-depth treatment with results in as few as 1-3 treatments. The Fraxis Duo machine is equipped with two separate hand pieces: one for microneedling, one for laser resurfacing. First, the skin will be cleansed and anesthetized with a topical numbing cream for up to an hour. Some patients may also receive local anesthetic shots or an oral sedative for increased comfort. When the patient is thoroughly anesthetized, the topical cream will be removed and the microneedling treatment will begin. The hand piece will be guided across the face, creating controlled micro-injuries within the skin while simultaneously delivering RF energy. Once the microneedling treatment is complete, the laser resurfacing will begin. Atop the skin treated with microneedling, a laser hand piece will deliver targeted CO2 laser energy, creating additional, although not as deep, micro-injuries. A full face Fraxis Duo treatment may take 2 hours to complete. When the treatment is complete, the patient will likely feel a slight burning or tingling sensation. Skin peeling and crusting will occur for 1-2 weeks, after which the skin will likely be pink or red for several more weeks.

The goal of Fraxis Duo is to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and pigmentation and texture irregularities. Fraxis Duo aims to improve overall complexion and facial volume for a younger, more rejuvenated appearance.

Recovery Notes

After a Fraxis Duo treatment, skin will feel raw and swollen. The treated area will have a thick ointment applied after the resurfacing session. Continual application of a moisturizing ointment will be needed to keep skin hydrated. Treated areas will peel and new skin will begin to form 1-2 weeks post-procedure but will likely remain pink or red in tone for several weeks to months. Always use a broad spectrum SPF to protect skin from sun exposure and repeat damage.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for Fraxis Duo has mild to moderate signs of aging such as wrinkling around the eyes and mouth, skin laxity, tone and pigmentation irregularities, and facial volume loss.

Not Recommended For

Fraxis Duo is not recommended for those who have recently used Accutane, have an active skin infection, are pregnant, or have a history of keloid scars. Those with darker skin tones should consult with their provider before treatment,

Side Effects

Side effects from Fraxis Duo may include prolonged redness, tight or itchy skin, temporary burning sensation in treated areas, burns or other injuries from the laser's heat, scarring, changes in the skin's pigmentation, infection, and changes in skin tone. Treated skin may be more prone to hyperpigmentation so strict adherence to photoprotection is advised for at least one week after the procedure.


  • two sources of energy
  • microneedling okay for darker skin tones
  • smooths skin
  • tightens skin
  • lasting results
  • improve skin quality
  • improve skin texture
  • effective


  • scarring
  • pigmentation changes
  • exacerbate skin disorders
  • more invasive

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