The 10 Best Bubble Bath Products to Elevate Your Tub Time

From soothing muscles to moisturizing the skin, the benefits of a bath are endless. In honor of National Bubble Bath Day, The AEDITION is rounding up the products that will help you get the most out of your tub time.
Written by Vivien Moon
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The 10 Best Bubble Bath Products to Elevate Your Tub Time

Whether you’ve had a long day or are finally getting around to your resolution to work out more and are now dealing with sore muscles, a bath is a proven way to relax both your body and mind. While it might seem like a lot of effort to draw a bath, the benefits of tub time are worth it. From moisturizing the skin to helping you sleep better, it’s no wonder this ritual was a favorite of historical figures ranging from Cleopatra to Winston Churchill.

It’s not a secret that we’re all about self care here at The AEDITION, and a bath can be just what the doctor ordered at the end of a long week or hectic weekend. Warm water helps regulate blood flow, and the steam can aid in clearing up congestion for those battling the seasonal flu. Raising your body temperature can also help burn calories and taking a little time for yourself will do wonders for your mental health. While you can DIY an at-home spa experience with a bit of coconut oil, essential oils, and flower petals, there are an array of tonics and tinctures on the market to turn your home into a wonderland of relaxation. In honor of National Bubble Day, here are 10 products that will take your bathtime to the next level.

1. If You Just Need to Soak

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If you want to just soak and take a little “me time,” the natureofthings Restorative Floral Bath offers a lush mix of scents like plumeria, jasmine, vetiver, and cedarwood in combination with sumptuous emollients like shea butter and green tea tree oil to give you an overall relaxing and moisturizing experience. Oh, and it’s also infused with malachite and rose quartz extracts. Stimulating the senses while easing tension in your muscles, the gem-rich formula hydrates and moisturizes dry skin while preventing inflammation and restoring energy levels. $150,

2. If You Want a Really Bubbly Bath

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These aren’t your childhood bubbles – they’re better. The Cottage Greenhouse’s Sugar Beet & Blossom Bubble Bath is a paraben-free, vegan-friendly blend of beetroot extract with avocado, macadamia, and almond oils for a brilliantly foaming bath. An olfactory treat that feels more mature than the bath of your adolescence, it’s bound to put you in a relaxed mood while locking in moisture. Pair this with a good book, a face mask, some candles, and a cup of tea to really elevate the moment. $32,

3. If You Need Help Sleeping

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Has the crazy holiday season worn you down? Is getting back into your sleep routine feeling like a drag post-festivities? Well, there’s something that can help you get back on track with your nightly schedule now that the new year is here. Lush virtually reinvented the way we take baths with their revolutionary bath bomb, and this one might take the cake. Deep Sleep is a hypnotic lavender and chamomile extravaganza wrapped up in biodegradable muslin with hints of neroli to give you the sweet dreams you’ve been craving. Combine with a bubbly oil and you'll have the lavender bubble bath experience of a lifetime. $7.95,

4. If Your Skin Needs Extra Moisture

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Consider this hydrating and replenishing coconut milk concoction the 21st century version of Cleopatra’s beloved milk bath. Perfect for the cold, dry winter months, a milk bath caters to those looking for organic simplicity that’s paraben free, ethically made, and oh, so aromatic. Those with psoriasis, eczema, or other sensitive skin conditions can attest to the importance of keeping skin well conditioned and moisturized so they can benefit from coconut and vanilla-scented creation from Herbivore. $22,

5. If You Need to Relax Your Muscles

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Salt, when used in a bath, can help reduce swelling and inflammation, which is why it is favored by those with muscle aches and in need of a little pain relief. What FRENCH GIRL offers with the Rose Sea Soak is a blend of six salts and the soothing scents of rose and ylang ylang. With Epsom salt eliminating toxins as the pink Himalayan salt helps the body destress, this is an organic match made in skincare heaven. Mix the bath salts with running water as they blend in with your essential oils and you'll never bathe the same way again. $22,

6. If Your Bath Is a True ‘Experience’

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These seaweed capsules by Fur are filled with clary sage, jojoba, and grapeseed oils that offer moisturizing properties come with a bergamot, lavender, and wild mint-scented candle to transform your space into a spa. Throw a few into your bath water and feel great about it because they are dermatologically and gynaecologically tested and free of phthalates, parabens, silicones, artificial colors, and fragrances. $34,

7. If You Want to Try Bath Tea

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The term ‘bath tea’ might sound odd to those unfamiliar with the concept, but hear us out, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Fragrant herbs placed together in a muslin ‘tea bag’ help give your body an antioxidant boost and leave it feeling silky smooth. Made with pure herbs such as chamomile, clary sage, and red clover blossoms or calendula, rose petals, and lavender essential oil, these Leif blends are 100 percent natural and will make your skin happy. Give it a deep steep and you might never want to leave the tub. $42,

8. If You Want to Make the Most of Your Time in the Tub

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So, you might have all the products necessary to get the most out of your soak, but do you want to turn your bath into a mini spa? Perfect for those who love to read a book or maybe indulge in a glass of wine while surrounded by bubbles, a bath caddy keeps your items dry and within reach. $45,

9. If You Need to Exfoliate Your Skin More

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Before soaking in some essential oils or aromatic bubbles, we recommend giving dry brushing a go. Slough off dead skin cells and increase blood flow with simple circular motions of the bristle brush to get even more from your bath. Dry brushing has been noted to help with lymphatic health as well as reducing the appearance of cellulite through exfoliation. The best part? It only takes a few minutes so there’s no excuse not to do it. $45,

10. If You Don’t Want to Mess up Your Hair

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Keeping with the theme of bath accessories, a shower cap will keep your blowout bouncy during your time in the tub. This waterproof nano-tech fabric defies humidity and guarantees that your hair stays dry while you have a bubbly good time. $43,

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