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Stanley Taub

General Surgery


Dr. Stanley Taub, MDMedical Doctor44 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013

About Stanley Taub

I am passionate about life, about creating, inventing and laughing. I like to write funny plays, to anticipate what the next line is when I watch characters in a film or play. I love to challenge myself by giving myself 5 minutes to come up with a solution to a complex medical problem, or a simple problem like fixing something that is broken, that no one thinks can be repaired without great cost or expertise. I love the piano which is probably the single greatest gift to mankind, by mankind including the gifts of musical composition by the greatest human minds to ever have existed on this planet. I am referring to geniuses like Ludwig Von Beethoven, Frederick Chopin, Franz Liszt, Franz Schubert. Robert Schumann, Felix Mendelsohn, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Alexander Scriabin... They all lived in the 19th century and enriched the deepest eternal loving and intelligent nature of Mankind for all time to come.

Professional Title


Board Certifications

American Board of Plastic Surgery

Years of Experience

2023 years of experience


  • Graduate School: New York Medical College
  • Residency: Beth Israel Medical Center


  • English
  • Spanish

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