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You may not want to return to the metal braces of your teenage years, but straight teeth and proper jaw and teeth alignment are important for health and appearance. Fortunately, there are an area of less conspicuous treatment options.

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The Skinny

When’s the last time you had your teeth cleaned? While we all most likely didn’t love our visits to the dentist when we were kids, oral health is an important part of overall health, and also the appearance of the face. While discussions on pacifier use, thumb sucking habits, floss use, and daily brushing are commonplace, considerations of jaw bone health, upper jaw and lower jaw alignment, gum disease, and tooth decay are less known (learn more in our complete guide to Misaligned Teeth & Bite Concerns).

Orthodontic treatments as children may have helped to alleviate crowded teeth and crooked teeth, but, if you didn’t keep up with your retainer, you may be finding the alignment of your teeth is suboptimal (malocclusion). Fortunately, multiple professional surgical and outpatient procedures, DIY braces kits, and at-home treatments exist to perfect your smile and facial structure.


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The Specifics

Who may consider correcting the alignment of their teeth and bite?

Procedures to correct teeth and bite can benefit candidates in both aesthetic and functional ways. Cosmetic concerns relating to teeth overcrowding can cause individuals to be self conscious of their smiles. In cases of overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite, the gums, teeth, and jaw can be affected. These individuals will benefit from intervention to preserve oral health and improve appearance.

The Anatomy of the Oral Cavity Mouth Oral Cavity Anatomy Illustration

What can you expect from teeth and bite alignment procedures?

The invasiveness, commitment level, and side effects of teeth or bite alignment procedures is very dependent upon procedure. Classic braces or braces alternatives require significant time commitment and diligence in maintaining the appropriate progressive schedule. They also necessitate the long term use of retainers nightly.

The Anatomy of the Tooth Tooth Anatomy Cross Section Illustration

Dental procedures, like caps, veneers, and bridges, are usually outpatient treatments with minimal side effects, while dental implant procedures are significantly more involved and require long periods between work.

Orthognathic (read: jaw) surgery is highly invasive with significant side effects and extended recovery time. It is used to treat severe jaw and bite abnormalities.

When should you consider teeth or bite alignment procedures?

Candidates may consider teeth alignment or bite alignment procedures when they are in generally good health, can commit to the timelines involved with many of the repositioning procedures, and in the case of certain surgical procedures, have teeth already in generally good alignment prior to the operation. Good alignment refers to lack of overcrowding, significant spacing issues, or significant overbite or underbite.

Why should you consider teeth or bite alignment procedures?

A teeth or bite alignment procedure can provide not only aesthetic enhancements, but also help to improve and preserve oral health. Overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, and damaged teeth can be effectively addressed with a certified provider. Concerns related to teeth alignment and spacing can usually be addressed from the comfort of your home making them easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

The Takeaway

Cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic treatments, and oral surgeons are able to offer solutions to common teeth and jaw concerns. Alignment of the front teeth and lower teeth, crowded teeth and crooked teeth, upper jaw and lower jaw alignment, and overall aesthetic of the oral cavity can be effectively corrected with various interventions ranging in cost and invasiveness.

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