How Much Does A Butt Lift Cost?

A butt lift can significantly enhance the firmness and contours of the buttocks. At what cost? Details below.

The Skinny

What is the average cost of a butt lift?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average cost of a butt lift in 2019 was $4,960, however, there are a myriad of possible expenses (more on them below!) to be considered when booking a plastic surgery procedure. Candidates considering a butt lift surgery will find it helpful to familiarize themselves with the various factors that affect the total cost of a buttock lift surgery.

AEDIT Average Butt Lift Procedure Cost Range Chart

  • Average Cost of a Butt Lift: $4,960
  • Price Range for a Butt Lift: $2,000 - $10,000

Quick shoutout to the Brazilian butt lift surgery (BBL), which is an alternative butt lift and body contouring procedure that combines liposuction and fat transfer (bye, bye excess fat) with traditional butt lift techniques. A good candidate needs to have a sufficient amount of fat for fat cell transfer. This article focuses only on a traditional butt lift, but here is more information about a Brazilian butt lift cost and also buttock augmentation with butt implants. The table below provides a brief overview of potential factors that will contribute to the final overall cost.

Factors to Consider in the Total Cost of a Butt Lift Procedure

Cost FactorExplanation
ProviderTraining, experience, specialty
Consultation FeeMay or may not be applied towards procedure cost
Anesthesiologist FeeTraining, experience
LocationFacility fees vary by region
Recovery ExpensesSpecial equipment, follow ups, etc.

The Specifics

What affects the cost of a butt lift?

So, if you’ve decided a butt lift is the right procedure for you, it’s time to consider the financial implications of plastic surgery procedures. We’ve already reviewed the most significant cost impacting variables. Just to reiterate, the information in this guide is generalized. Consultations with plastic surgeons always creates the most accurate financial estimates of cosmetic procedure costs.

The following outline can help give you a better idea of the questions to ask and factors to review when preparing for a consultation:

  • Provider: A more experienced board certified plastic surgeon or specialized provider will often have higher consultation fees and procedure rates, however, larger practices may also have better financial or incentive options.
  • Anesthesiologist: As with the plastic surgeon, experience and training will affect cost. As we mentioned, buccal fat removal can be performed under local or general anesthesia. General anesthesia is significantly more expensive than local anesthetics that do not require a specialized anesthesiologist to administer.
  • Location: The 2019 ASPS Report shows that 53 percent of buttock lifts occurred on the coasts and 47 percent in the central region of the U.S. In general, plastic surgery procedures often cost more on the coasts because of the higher volume of procedures performed.
  • Recovery: The recovery following a butt lift procedure will vary by individual, but may include prescriptions, compression garments, follow ups, and time off from work.

What does the cost of a butt lift include?

So, what does the price of a butt lift actually include? The hourly fee of the cosmetic surgeon performing the butt lift is typically what gets reported as the ‘average price’ or ‘surgeon’s fee.’ We know ‘hourly rate’ is a strange idea for a medical professional, but keep in mind your plastic surgeon has their own business expenses in addition to their personal salary. Business expenses may include supplies, insurance, payroll, and office rent.

The total butt lift cost increases as additional variables are added. The extra medical professionals in the room (anesthesiologist, nurses, and surgical assistants), medical tools/supplies needed for your butt lift (needles, sutures, gauze, gowns, gloves, etc.), medications administered before, during, and after a butt lift (sedatives, painkillers, antibiotics), and the charge for using the hospital or facility’s procedure or operating room.

Ok, stick with us, we’ve got one more. You will probably encounter additional personal costs during your butt lift cosmetic experience. We’re referring to consultation fees from interviewed providers, travel expenses, pre-surgical care, missed work, and recovery supplies you purchase in addition to what the surgical facility provides. Obviously, these costs will vary significantly by individual.

How much does a butt lift cost?

Now it’s time to get into some serious numbers talk. Inclusive of all variables we’ve listed (minus your personal expenses), a butt lift will cost $4,960 on average. The total butt lift costs range $2,000 to $10,000, with the higher end representing a more involved procedure at a larger facility and the lower end may represent a less extensive butt lift perhaps done in a smaller surgical practice.

How much does a butt lift cost across the United States?


Location! Just to further emphasize our point, geographic location is a major factor in the total cost of any plastic surgery procedure. Like we stated above, the 2019 ASPS Report breaks down procedure occurrences by region. In 2019 coastal regions accounted for 53 percent of all butt lifts and the central U.S. the remaining 47 percent.

AEDIT Average Butt Lift Procedure Costs By State Chart

The table below breaks down costs in some select major cities across the US.

Average Butt Lift Cost by City and State

StateAverage Cost
New York, NY$7,000 to $10,000
Chicago, IL$3,500 to $6,750
Miami, FL$4,000 to $6,700
Birmingham, AL$3,500 to $6,000
Austin, TX$6,500 to $9,750
Los Angeles, CA$7,250 to $10,000

How much does a butt lift cost around the world?

For those considering pursuing a butt lift abroad, the table below compares average plastic surgery procedure costs around the globe. Don’t forget to add in the travel costs, consider the reputation of the provider and facility, and calculate expenses related to recovery when looking at the cost differences. The table below reflects costs converted to U.S. dollars.

Average Cost of Butt Lift by Country in USD

CountryAverage Cost
Canada$7,500 to $11,000
Mexico$2,750 to $4,750
Colombia$3,000 to $7,750
United Kingdom$5,000 to $9,750
Australia$4,250 to $8,000
Japan$3,750 to $8,000
United Arab Emirates$4,500 to $10,000

Does insurance cover the cost of a butt lift?

Will insurance cover my butt lift cosmetic procedure? It’s a common question. To determine the answer, let’s look at these important definitions from the American Medical Association (AMA):

  • Cosmetic Surgery: Procedures for reshaping normal structures for improved appearance and self-esteem.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: Procedures performed on abnormal body structures resulting from congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, disease, infection, or tumors.

Essentially, cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance and reconstructive surgeries possibly are. Hybrid procedures with dual aesthetic and functional benefits may or may not be covered. And all that being said, your butt lift is a purely aesthetic procedure, which means it is not going to be covered by your medical insurance.

The Takeaway

If you're ready to take the leap and address the loose skin of the posterior areas of your body for some serious self-confidence boosting final results, then a butt lift procedure may be the right choice for you. This guide can help you direct your initial consultation to ensure you have the best possible cosmetic experience.

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