No Two Bodies Are the Same: Finding the Right Procedure For You

An increasing number of people are investing in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, but it can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting what everybody else has. We spoke to Dr. Paul Vitenas to find out how to find the right plan for you.
Written by Nisha Fernandez
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Since 2016, cosmetic procedures have been on the rise. The increase in plastic surgery has resulted in the normalization of invasive and non-invasive procedures like breast augmentations, facelifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, and laser hair removal. Its prevalent presence also allows people to freely discuss their experiences and treatments without stigma. And though these procedures have found their way onto social media, our favorite online platforms may also be unintentionally providing the wrong information.

To keep up with the conversation, cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics are becoming more accessible to the general public via social media as well, and some doctors and physicians are fast-tracking surgery and providing cookie-cutter quick fixes to meet demand. It may seem easier to do what someone else is doing since the number of options can be daunting, but that's not always the best option.

It’s important to know and understand your individual body type and lifestyle before reaching out to a board certified plastic surgeon. Invasive, reconstructive procedures aren’t designed to be quick and easy and must take into account things like your body frame, your genetics, your employment or hobbies, your past medical procedures, and even finances. For example, if you are a personal trainer, a breast augmentation may hinder your performance, restrict your ability to train, and limit your future work prospects. These are all significant details to consider and discuss with your surgeon.

Whether you’re after a complete reconstructive surgery or non-invasive procedure, it’s important to know whether you’re the right candidate for the procedure and if it will suit your lifestyle. Houston, Texas-based plastic surgeon, Paul Vitenas, MD, proposes four questions to ask yourself before embarking on a plastic surgery journey.

  • Why do you want surgery?
  • Have you done your research?
  • Can you afford the procedure?
  • Are you ready for the recovery?

These questions encourage you as an individual to reflect on whether the procedure you want is the right one for you and will help you determine your next steps. Once you’re confident in your decision to get plastic surgery, “do your research, then place your trust in a board certified plastic surgeon," says Dr. Vitenas. "Take your time deciding on the best procedure for your unique needs and budget. If you are not comfortable with the doctor or office after your consultation, get a second or even third opinion. Once you are happy with the answers to these four, key questions, you might be ready to move forward with plastic surgery.”

Always keep an open mind when it comes time to your consultation and procedure. With the right plastic surgeon, you will be able to achieve your desired results, but it may require alternative methods along the way. Consider your relationship with your cosmetic surgeon a trusting, long-term relationship that's essential for your health and wellbeing (with the added benefit of achieving your desired aesthetic). Your surgeon may offer different viewpoints and have a better idea of the type of plastic surgery procedures available to achieve a comprehensive, successful outcome.

We spoke with Louise who recently visited a plastic surgeon to get over the muscle breast augmentation to learn about her experience. For as long as she can remember she felt insecure about how her breasts looked and finally made the decision to get plastic surgery. During the consultation stages, due to her specific breast tissue, her plastic surgeon recommended an additional minor procedure and a slightly different approach to give her the best breast implant experience possible.

The AEDITION: Did you understand the various outcomes of breast augmentation and whether it would be the right procedure for you?

Louise: When I went for the consult with the surgeon, he went through every step of the procedure with me. He advised me of the risks and what they do to minimize them. My surgeon also advised doing my surgery above the muscle due to the tissue of my breasts and also did a minor procedure to help enhance the shape, since every woman is different.

The AEDITION: Did your plastic surgeon individualize his approach for your surgery and provide you with alternative options?*

Louise: The surgeon advised on all the different ways the procedure could be done but also explained that due to my anatomy, the way he suggested completing the surgery would be the best possible outcome for me personally. I took his word, as he is very skilled and he turned out to be right. I was told, 'we can’t make your breasts absolutely perfect but our goal is to get as close as possible,' and that’s what happened. I am ecstatic about the outcome. People thought it was for aesthetic reasons, but it was truly just to help love myself again."

Since there was care taken from the beginning, Louise felt comfortable and happy with her procedure and her postoperative results were exactly what she hoped. Her surgeon explored the different options available to her and, based on Louise’s desired outcome, made suggestions to ensure the results were achievable and successful. The benefits of taking a thorough, individualized approach to your body and surgery are endless, with a successful, lasting result at the top of the list.

Whether you're looking into weight loss surgery, a body contouring procedure, or something seemingly as small as eyelid surgery, it's pivotal to understand your individual body and get the advice of at least one board certified plastic surgeon to determine the best approach in achieving your desired result.

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