How Much Does Penis Enlargement Cost?

If you’re thinking about pursuing a penis enlargement cosmetic procedure, you might be wondering what it’s going to cost you. We’ve got details that should help you get a better idea of what plastic surgery is going to mean for your wallet.

The Skinny

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What is the average cost of penis enlargement?

The average cost of a penis enlargement procedure is $1,000 to $25,000. Yes, we know that is quite a large range, but this is reflective of the considerable variation between procedure types. For example, non-surgical dermal filler injections will cost considerably less than a surgical enhancement procedure. There are numerous additional expenses (details below!) to also consider in the total cost of a penis enlargement.

AEDIT Average Penis Enlargement Procedure Cost Range Chart

  • Average Cost of Penis Enlargement: $7,500
  • Price Range for Penis Enlargement: $1,000 - $25,000

The information below should be helpful for familiarizing yourself with the various factors that affect the price of a plastic surgery procedure.

Factors to Consider in the Total Cost of a Penis Enlargement Procedure

Cost FactorExplanation
Type of Penis EnlargementSurgical vs. Non-Surgical
ProviderTraining, experience, specialty
Consultation FeeMay or may not be applied towards procedure cost
Anesthesiologist FeeTraining, experience
LocationFacility fees vary by region
Recovery ExpensesSpecial equipment, follow ups, etc.

The Specifics

What is penis enlargement?

So, what exactly is penis enlargement or penis enhancement? To be clear, these procedures are entirely cosmetic (i.e. it’s only going to address penis look), and there is no sexual or functional benefit to a penis enlargement surgery. For men with erectile dysfunction or for those seeking enhancements to their sex life, there are other male genitalia surgical procedures to address such concerns.

Penis enlargement encompasses three distinct procedures designed to augment the visual size of the penis and add additional length. Surgical options include ligament transection and fat transfer. Non-surgical options include dermal fillers. The surgical procedures will typically be more expensive than the non-surgical, injectable option, though this varies by candidate.

What affects the cost of penis enlargement?

Now that the basics are covered, let’s get into the variables from the first table. A friendly reminder: the information here is a generalized estimate. Consultations with board certified providers and plastic surgeons always offers the most accurate assessment of the cost of your penis enlargement.

Average Cost by Procedure: Penis Enlargement

With that out of the way, the following overview can help you get a feel for the questions to ask and elements to consider during a cosmetic consultation. Knowledge is power!

  • Penis Enlargement Type: As we mentioned, the surgical ligament transection and fat transfer procedures will usually be more costly than non-surgical dermal filler injections.
  • Provider: A more experienced, board certified plastic surgeon or specialized provider usually has higher fees for their skills and so higher consultation fees. Of note, the consultation fee may or may not be applied towards the final cost of the procedure.
  • Anesthesiologist: Just like with the cosmetic surgeon, education, training, and experience will affect cost. General anesthesia requires more expertise and, therefore, is more expensive than local anesthesia. Most local anesthetics can be administered without an anesthesiologist.
  • Location: While there is not specific data on penis enlargement procedures in the 2019 American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Report, plastic surgery procedures tend to occur more frequently on the coasts leading to higher overall costs.
  • Recovery: Penis enlargement recovery and side effects will vary by the procedure type. Recovery may include prescriptions, compression garments, follow ups, and missed work.

There are numerous types of penis enlargements and the most appropriate technique for a candidate will be dependent on the individual. The table below provides additional details specific to each procedure type.

Types of Penis Enlargements and the Impact on Cost

TypeImpact on Cost
Penis Enlargement: Ligament TransectionMost involved, permanent, and expensive.
Penis Enlargement: Fat TransferCombines liposuction and fat transfer with temporary results and mid-range cost.
Penis Enlargement: Dermal FillersTemporary and non-surgical; lowest cost.

What does the cost of penis enlargement include?

Ok, so what are you actually paying for? We can help when it comes to understanding what the price of a penis enlargement truly includes. The time the surgeon spends performing the penis enlargement procedure is typically what gets reported as the ‘average cost’ or ‘surgeon’s fee.’ It’s kind of like the hourly rate of your surgeon. It’s helpful to remember your plastic surgeon has overhead costs like office rent, staff payroll, professional insurance, and office and medical supplies plus their personal salary.

Penis enlargement costs continue to rise as the other variables are added in. Additional medical personnel in the room, (nurses, surgical assistants, and the anesthesiologist), tools and supplies used during your penis enlargement (needles, bandages, gowns, gloves, etc.), medications given to you before, during, and after your penis enlargement (sedatives, painkillers, antibiotics, etc.), and the fee for using the hospital or facility’s procedure or operating room.

And, don’t forget the personal expenses you will encounter during your penis enlargement experience. These may include consultation fees, travel costs, pre-surgical care, time off from work, and recovery supplies you personally purchase.

How much does penis enlargement cost?

And now for some actual numbers. The table below provides cost range estimates by specific penis enlargement procedure type. These procedure estimates are inclusive of all the variables we’ve reviewed, minus your personal expenses. The ranges are, yes, wide-ranging, but they make it more clear which procedure types are more costly. It’s worth noting that many providers offer financing options to assist with cost.

Cost by Penis Enlargement Procedure Type

Penis Enlargement: Ligament Transection$15,000 to $25,000
Penis Enlargement: Fat Transfer$3,500 to $8,500
Penis Enlargement: Dermal Fillers$1,000 to $9,000

How much does penis enlargement cost across the United States?

Location, location, location! Like we mentioned, there is not specific data for penis enlargement surgeries, however, the 2020 ASPS Report shows the majority of plastic surgery procedures occur on the coasts. With this in mind, it’s reasonable to extrapolate that penis enlargement costs will be more expensive on the coasts, too.

AEDIT Average Penis Enlargement Procedure Costs By State Chart

The table shows average penis enlargement costs in major cities across the United States.

Average Penis Enlargement Cost by City and State

StateAverage Cost
New York, NY$3,500 to $20,000
Chicago, IL$3,000 to $15,000
Miami, FL$3,250 to $16,000
Birmingham, AL$3,000 to $14,000
Austin, TX$3,000 to $15,000
Los Angeles, CA$3,500 to $25,000

How much does penis enlargement cost around the world?

For those considering pursuing a penis enlargement abroad, the following table compares average cost estimates in a few countries. Quick reminder to add the travel expenses, research the reputation of the provider and facility, and consider the extra costs related to recovery when reviewing the listed prices. The table below reflects costs converted to U.S. dollars.

Average Penis Enlargement Cost by Country in USD

CountryAverage Cost
Canada$3,000 to $12,500
Mexico$2,000 to $7,500
Colombia$2,000 to $6,000
United Kingdom$3,500 to $15,500
Australia$3,500 to $14,500
Japan$3,000 to $11,000
United Arab Emirates$4,000 to $12,000

Does insurance cover the cost of penis enlargement?

Will insurance cover my procedure? It’s a common question for most plastic surgeries and the answer is maybe. To better answer this question, let’s look at these definitions from the American Medical Association (AMA):

  • Cosmetic Surgery: Procedures for reshaping normal structures for improved appearance and self-esteem.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: Procedures performed on abnormal body structures resulting from congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, disease, infection, or tumors.

To summarize: cosmetic procedures will not be covered by insurance. Reconstructive surgeries might be. Hybrid procedures combining aesthetic and functional benefits are a maybe and depend on the procedure and candidate. To keep it simple: your penis enlargement is not going to be covered.

The Takeaway

If a penile enlargement procedure to augment penis size seems like the right choice for you, hopefully this article has given you a better idea of what a procedure may mean for your wallet. The surgical technique used to visually augment the size of your penis by increasing penis girth and penile length will be unique to each candidate, however, the information here can help you ask the right questions during your provider consultation.

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