Penis Enlargement: Fat Transfer

Fat grafting to the penis can increase the girth of the shaft. A liposuction procedure is necessary in order to collect the fat for transfer. The fat will be purified of any cellular debris and then injected beneath the skin of the penis for enhanced size.

Penis Enlargement: Fat Transfer Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

Penis Enlargement: Fat Transfer
avg. recovery
2 weeks
$3500 - $8500

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 08.05.2021

For men who feel inadequate because of the size of their penis, there are several procedures available to increase girth and length. Fat grafting is a promising, minimally invasive procedure that transfers purified fat from the patient’s body to the penile shaft. A type of stem cell has been found in adipose tissue which could also help stimulate blood flow and natural growth, although changes would be subtle and have not been clinically studied. Fat grafting, unlike dermal fillers, also has the advantage of being derived from the patient so there is no chance of substance rejection. Before a fat grafting procedure, adipose tissue must be collected and purified. Liposuction will be performed, typically on the stomach or thighs, although fat can be collected from most anywhere on the body with unwanted fatty deposits. Once enough fat is collected the fat will be purified, removing cell debris, blood, and infiltration fluid. A small incision will be made at either the base of the penis or within a previous circumcision scar so that the cannula can be inserted. Fat will then be distributed around the shaft of the penis, between 30-65mL, although amount may be more or less depending on the patient. Once complete, the fat may be manually manipulated to ensure even dispersal of the fat. No stitches are typically necessary unless combined with a more invasive implant procedure. Patient will have to wear loose fitting clothes for 1-2 weeks, can resume penetrative sex after 1-2 weeks, and should refrain from strenuous exercise for 1 month.

The goal fat transfer for penis enlargement is to increase penile length and girth.


Penis Enlargement: Fat Transfer addresses concerns such as:

Recovery Notes

Recovery can be prolonged depending on the extent of the liposuction procedure. Patients should rest for at least 24 hours after surgery and limit activity for 1 week postoperatively. Light exercise and sexual activity can usually be resumed after 1-2 weeks. Patients may experience a slight pain during an erection.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidates for penis enlargement surgery suffers from genetic malformations of the penis or are self conscious of penile girth.

Not Recommended For

There is no penis enlargement procedure or technique that is widely recognized as effective with sustained results.

Side Effects

Side effects from fat transfer for penis enlargement can include fat necrosis since the penile skin is thin in the area between the skin and the penile shaft, and this area does not have a rich blood supply. As a result, fat grafting to the penis has traditionally proven unreliable, with the main side effects being lumpiness and reabsorption.


  • increased length
  • increased width
  • increased confidence
  • enhanced masculinity


  • varied results
  • temporary
  • lumpy
  • fat necrosis

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