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Nose bumps may seemingly pop out of nowhere or you may have been born with them. Regardless, a cosmetic procedure can smooth and even most any bump.

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The Skinny

Nose bumps. A catch-all term to capture the myriad of little lumps and humps that can exist on your nose. Generally, nose bumps can be superficial and temporary (think: acne pimples and small white bumps from dead skin cells and excess oil from the sebaceous glands in pores or hair follicles) or structural and more permanent (i.e. bumps that are present at birth or develop after a trauma and affect deeper nasal structures). Regardless of the why, bumps on the nose don’t have to stay (learn more about the causes in our compelte guide to Nose Bump Cocerns). In fact, they can be corrected or removed effectively and safely through a variety of cosmetic procedures.


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The Specifics

Who might consider procedures to correct or treat a nose bump?

Let's start with a quick anatomy recap. The nose is made of the nasal bones at the top and then a lot of cartilage and soft tissue. The root lies between the eyebrows, the bridge is where the nasal bones protrude, and the top of the nose is the apex. The dorsum nasi is the length of the root to the apex.

The Anatomy of the Nose Nose anatomy cross section illustration

Nose bumps can occur anywhere on the nose. Structural nose bumps refer to those that affect the structures of the nose (bone or cartilage), while superficial nose bumps refer to those that affect occur as the result of a skin condition. Below are some of the most common concerns related to bumps on the nose:

  • Dorsal Hump: The nasal bridge and nasal cartilage can be affected by abnormal lumps or bumps which are then called dorsal humps.
  • Broken Nose: A broken nose may not heal correctly leading to bumps or asymmetry.
  • Acne Bumps: Temporary, yes, but potentially recurrent and unsightly, nose acne can present as white bumps and blackheads on the surface of skin or deeper-set, pus-filled bumps as a result of acne vulgaris.
  • Milia Bumps: While milia is only present in infants, the skin condition keratosis pilaris may mimic the tiny white bump appearance in adults. The condition is benign but can result in pimple-like bumps.

Just a quick reminder: Any nose bumps that seem suspicious should be seen by a healthcare provider for assessment. The nose gets a lot of sun exposure, and skin cancer in the area is more prevalent than most people realize. Even a small bump should be looked at.

What can you expect from procedures to correct or treat nose bumps?

Depending on the cause of the nose bump — superficial vs. structural — the cosmetic procedure or treatment to correct and smooth the nose may be surgical or non-surgical. A brief overview of available procedures is outlined below:

  • Rhinoplasty: The classic surgical 'nose job' is effective, permanent, and well practiced. For a less invasive option, dermal fillers may be used as a temporary solution.
  • Topical & Oral Medications: Prescribed by a dermatologist, these medications are effective and more potent than over-the-counter (OTC) options for daily use in your skincare routine.
  • Facials: Both relaxing and effective, facials can stimulate cell turnover and refresh the face.
  • Chemical Peels: Slightly more invasive than most facials, superficial chemical peels are highly effective at clearing blemishes, detoxing clogged pores, and rejuvenating the skin.

Home remedies in the form of an OTC skincare routine or prescription medications can also be used to complement or replace professional treatments depending on the medical advice of your dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

When should you consider a procedure to correct or treat nose bumps?

The ideal time to pursue a nose bump procedure is dependent on your concern. Generally, all candidates should be in good health and have reasonable expectations of their procedure or treatment.

For superficial concerns, candidates can pursue treatment when they grow frustrated with constant blemishes and breakouts. Results can be maintained with regular and consistent use of prescribed medications and skincare.

For structural concerns, candidates should consider the needed downtime from surgical procedures and the effects of aging. A discussion with a board certified plastic surgeon can help to determine which treatment options are appropriate and when a procedure should be pursued. To better understand the healing and downtime associated with the procedure, check out our complete guide to rhinoplasty recovery.

Why should you consider a procedure to correct or treat nose bumps?

While trauma like nose breaks and fractures may precipitate the need for surgical correction, most bumps on the nose do not require medical attention — but treating them may have aesthetic benefits. Consulting with a board certified provider will ensure you receive the best treatment plan for your concerns.

Rhinoplasty Procedures to Correct a Structural Nose Bump

When it comes to correcting nose bumps as a result of genetics or trauma, a plastic surgery procedure like rhinoplasty is a classic for a reason.

Non-Surgical Treatments to Correct Superficial Nose Bumps

Superficial bumps on the nose do not require surgery or even a trip to the doctor’s office in some cases. Professional beauty treatments and prescription-strength medication can help to smooth and clarify the skin, as can at-home skincare.

The Takeaway

Nose bumps can be frustrating, but they are also fixable with a variety of treatment plans. Regardless of whether the bump(s) on your nose is caused by superficial skin conditions (think: acne vulgaris) or are structural due to a broken nose not healing properly, determining the exact cause of the bump(s) will determine which cosmetic procedures will help to smooth and define your nose aesthetic and profile.
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