SilkPeel Facial

The SilkPeel Dermalinfusion facial is a skin resurfacing treatment that simultaneously exfoliates and suctions away dead skin cells, while applying customized serums to treat specific skin conditions. SilkPeels uses a gentle vacuum that exfoliates the outer layer of skin while opening the pores at the same time. While the pores are open, the custom serum penetrates deep into the newly exfoliated skin.

SilkPeel Facial Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

SilkPeel Facial
avg. recovery
0 days
Mechanical Abrasion
$100 - $450

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 07.27.2021

Facials typically cleanse pores, exfoliate the skin, and provide customized treatment masks to address a myriad of skin concerns. The SilkPeel facial, much like the JetPeel facial or Hydrafacial, enhances the traditional facial by offering powerful yet gentle exfoliating techniques to remove dead skin cells and deeply nourish the skin, revealing a more radiant complexion. To begin the SilkPeel procedure, the specialist will cleanse the face to remove any make-up, oil, dirt, or other debris that has accumulated on the skin. Next, the SilkPeel hand piece will be applied to the skin and moved the along the treatment area, paying close attention to any problem areas. The tip of the hand piece creates a closed-loop suction onto skin upon contact, instantly lifting skin for extraction and abrasion by a recessed exfoliating diamond tip. At the same time, pneumatic pressure infuses skin with ingredient-rich serums. This process is not sequential, but simultaneous. SilkPeel eliminates time-gaps between exfoliation and serum application for optimal skin receptivity and retention.

The goal of a SilkPeel facial is to improve the appearance of the skin giving patients younger, more rejuvenated looking skin.

Recovery Notes

No recovery is needed after a SilkPeel facial, however it is common for redness to persist up to an hour after treatment.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a SilkPeel facial has fine lines, minor skin discolorations or imperfections, and is looking to rejuvenate the skin. Most people are candidates for SilkPeel as it is designed for all skin types and treats acne prone skin, oily skin, dry skin, wrinkles, signs of aging, and sun spots.

Not Recommended For

SilkPeel is not recommended for candidates who are looking to treat more severe skin issues such as scarring.

Side Effects

Side effects of SilkPeel can include discomfort during treatment, redness, and risk of hyperpigmentation if exposed to the sun after treatment.


  • noninvasive
  • quick treatment
  • quick results
  • all skintypes
  • lightening
  • rehydrates
  • sensitive skin
  • no downtime


  • temporary
  • multiple treatments
  • costly

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