The Simplest And Safest Way To Master The Under Lash Technique

The trending lash application is said to offer a more seamless look, but are you risking your eye health? Here’s what we found out.
Written by Témi Adebowale
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The Simplest And Safest Way To Master The Under Lash TechniqueMikelya Fournier/Unsplash

One of the wonderful things about beauty is that there are so many ways to apply your makeup, and, with social media, tips and tricks spread farther and faster than ever before. From professional makeup artists and celebrities to self-taught beauty lovers and content creators, there’s no shortage of experts willing to share the best way to make any step of your beauty routine even easier.

Recently, lashes have been a popular topic. Eyelash extensions remain a perennial favorite, but, as with so many pro treatments, a lot of us are searching for ways to achieve similar results at home. Normally, even the best strip lash application will require a lot of blending and tweaking to ensure that your natural lashes don’t peek through the lash strip. And, even if you perfect that piece of the process, the lash band will still likely be visible when you blink or turn to the side, disrupting the illusion.

Enter the ‘under lash’ technique. Instead of applying your falsies on top of the lash line, you cut the strip into smaller sections and apply them underneath your lashes (yes, that’s where the name come from). The seemingly new technique has been all over TikTok for a few months now – though, as we revealed earlier this year, under lashing isn’t new at all. As with most innovative beauty tricks, it’s had a long history in the drag scene.

No matter the technique, there is a learning curve to applying false lashes and under lashing is no exception. Some people aren’t sold on the idea of putting lash glue so close to their eyes, while others struggle to get the placement just right. To clear up any confusion about the safety and efficacy of the under lash technique, we tapped a top expert.

How to Under Lash Safely

Let’s get this out the way upfront: If you are curious about whether or not under lashing is safe, the short answer is yes – with some careful instructions. “It is safe to apply lashes under your lashes as opposed to on top of your lashes because they don’t actually get glued to the skin of the waterline, or the edge of the skin under your top lashes,” explains Lynn Simpson, a celebrity makeup artist at Facial Lounge in Corona Del Mar, CA. “They are glued to the lashes themselves.” In case all of those social media videos haven’t made it clear, below are four things to keep in mind for a simpler and more successful under lash application:

  1. Prep Properly: When it comes to applying false lashes, where you apply them is most important factor to keeping your eyes safe. To ensure you’re not putting glue on your waterline, use a bright light and a mirror. This will give you a full view of your lashes.
  2. Work in Small Pieces: While a few brave souls have tried under lashing using a full strip lash, Simpson says it’s much easier to work in smaller sections that are more flexible and easier to line up correctly. You can either cut up your strip lash, buy individual lashes, or opt for lash sets that are specifically made for this technique, like the ones from Lashify and FlutterHabit.
  3. Give It a Beat: Much like a normal lash application, tacky glue has a stronger hold. When applying under your lash line, put the glue on the falsies, then wait 15 to 30 seconds before applying them to your lashes. Only apply the glue to the side that’ll be touching your lash. If it gets on the other side, it could end up touching your eye.
  4. Plan Ahead: Even the best laid plans can go awry, which is why Simpson recommends preparing for any mistakes by keeping makeup remover and cotton swabs, Q-tips, and/or a washcloth nearby. They can be used to remove any glue or residue that ends up someplace you don’t want it to.

As with anything new, there is a learning curve to under lashing. Our best advice: Take it slow and try not to get frustrated!

What Do I Do If I Get Lash Glue in My Eye?

In the rare event that some glue does transfer from the underside of your lashes to your bottom lashes, waterline, or eyeball, flush the eye with lukewarm water. If irritation continues, do not hesitate to reach out to your optometrist or ophthalmologist for further treatment.

The Takeaway

Applying lashes under the lash line (a.k.a. under lashing) creates a more seamless and natural lash look that many liken to lash extensions. While it may sound scary, it’s actually no less safe than traditional false lash applications – provided you follow a few simple rules. For starters, remember that you are adhering the falsies to your natural lashes (read: not the waterline). From there, work in small sections and keep cotton swabs and makeup remover on standby in case you need to clean up any miscues.

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