15 Grooming And Wellness Gifts For Father’s Day 2020

Dads are hard to shop for. Like, really hard. Here at The AEDITION, we advocate grooming and wellness gifts for dads, and we’ve rounded up the very best.
Written by Garrett Munce
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15 Grooming And Wellness Gifts For Father’s Day 2020Kelli McClintock/Unsplash

Are you still looking for a Father’s Day gift for your dad? You’re not alone. Dads are hard to shop for. Like, really hard. Here at The AEDITION we advocate grooming and wellness gifts for dads, of course, but not just because that’s what we do. In many cases, grooming and wellness-focused gifts are not something dads would buy for themselves, which makes them perfect presents. No matter how experienced a man is with skincare, post-workout recovery, fragrance, or wellness in general, a gift like this is something that can open his eyes and change his life. And we believe that nothing says “thanks for being a dad” like making him feel better, both inside and out. These are the very best grooming and wellness gifts for any dad this Father’s Day.

SkinCeuticals Anti-Aging Skin System

We’ll let you in on a little secret: all guys are interested in anti-aging. They may not be as vocal about it as the women you know, but no man wants to look in the mirror and not know what to do about the wrinkles he’s starting to see. If your dad is a skincare novice, this set from dermatologist-recommended brand Skinceuticals is a great place to start — it contains all their most popular anti-aging products. If he’s already on the skincare bandwagon, he’ll be thrilled with the upgrade. $345, skinceuticals.com

Philips Norelco Multigroom 9000

Bearded dads will love this powerful trimmer because it makes beard maintenance easy as pie. It comes with a wide selection of length guards and a long battery life, making it perfect for daily trimmings or taking it with him to keep his beard fresh on a business trip. No facial hair? No problem. This clipper is one of the rare versions that’s just as good trimming at the hair on his head as the hair on his face. If he’s been interested in DIY haircuts lately, or just wants to keep his cut looking fresh between barber visits, this one is top of the line. $90, usa.philips.com

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Fragrance Wardrobe For Him

Sure, you could get him yet another bottle of that cologne he’s been wearing for decades, but where is the fun in that? This set of eight testers from luxury perfumer Francis Kurkdjian is ideal in several scenarios. For the cologne beginner, it offers exploration and an invitation to find something he’ll love. For the traveler, the tester-sized vials fit effortlessly into a dopp kit. And for the fragrance enthusiast, it offers experimentation that few other fragrance companies provide. $215, saks.com

Lumin Complete Collection

Lots of men are confused about skincare. Chances are your dad could be one of them. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in it. This gift set is a complete skincare routine in a box, perfect for the beginner and the expert alike. It has everything: cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, eye cream, and even an anti-aging serum. Plus, it comes with complete instructions on how (and why) to apply it. $80, luminskin.com

Caswell-Massey Shave Set

Is your dad a bit of a traditionalist who loves history? This complete shaving set features a safety razor, one of the most traditional tools of men’s grooming, as well as all the accoutrements you need for a mighty close shave. Everything is scented with Caswell-Massey’s VI scent, which the oldest apothecary company in the U.S. says was a favorite of George Washington. Imagine how much your dad will love telling people he’s wearing the same scent as our first president! $130, casswellmassey.com

Huron The Big Three Kit

There’s nothing wrong with using drugstore products, but we don’t endorse using a gift opportunity to just re-up what he’s already using. Huron’s products are higher-quality formulas that clean and protect skin with better ingredients than drugstore washes — but cost only a fraction more. That means dad won’t mind buying them even after he runs out of the bottles you give him. The body wash is especially good for active guys, a it cleans skin effectively and cuts sweat and odor fast but won’t dry out skin. $38, usehuron.com

Self-Care For Men

If your dad isn’t into product or isn’t likely to use a bottle of face wash, go the other direction and give him a book about why he may want to start. All men deserve self-care, but not all men know where to start. This book is a simple and straightforward look at all the different ways men can develop a self-care routine. It covers everything from meditation and skincare to more esoteric topics like crystals and acupuncture, so there is something for everyone no matter their experience. $16, amazon.com

Asystem Radical Relief System

Guys don’t have to be especially active to get aches and pains (though exercise-happy dads will likely be more experienced in the idea of recovery). This new product pairing from men’s wellness brand Asystem couples daily supplements to help calm inflammation inside the body with a topical roller that uses the power of CBD and menthol to soothe muscle pain. We especially love the roller because it’s easy to use almost anywhere on the body — like necks sore from bending over computers or backs aching from too many deadlifts. $109, asystem.com

The Well Digital Membership

The Well, a wellness club in New York City, offers their members everything from personal training, mindful movement classes, group meditations, and spa treatments. But they’ve also created a digital membership for those who can’t go in person — whether because they don’t live close by or because they’re under stay-at-home orders. Digital members get access to personal health coaching, a daily menu of virtual classes, and regular webinars. It’s perfect for a dad who is looking for a little enlightenment. $150, the-well.com

Saje Wellness Dreamy Nights Set

There’s no better gift these days than the gift of sleep. Help your dad’s head hit the pillow better with this sleep-focused set, which contains a beautifully designed diffuser in addition to essential oils blends to help facilitate relaxation and better sleep. Tell him to keep the diffuser by his bed and turn it on as he’s getting in. The power of aromatherapy can help his mind and body relax and possibly even sleep better throughout the night. $77, saje.com

Hypervolt Massage Gun

Athletes and personal trainers love this massage gun not only because it’s easy to target hard-to-stretch muscles, but also because it’s incredibly quiet (unlike so many others out there!). It’s perfect for the exercise enthusiast, since it’s easy to use and comes with a variety of attachments to target all sorts of stiffness, but also for the dad who struggles with back pain or other ailments. Best of all, he can use it on himself without the help of someone else. $300, hypernice.com

Lord Jones Best Sellers Gift Box

There are about as many ways to use CBD as there are products out there, but all of them are focused on soothing inflammation and de-stressing. If your dad is experienced with CBD, he’ll love this luxury set that combines gummies, oil, and lotion for a full-range view of ways to use CBD. If he’s a beginner, there is no better way to start. Lord Jones is one of the original luxury CBD companies that continues to create some of the best products out there. $205, lordjones.com

Harry’s Deluxe Travel Kit

Your dad may not be traveling very much right now, but he’ll love this deluxe travel set when he gets back to it. Harry’s curated their best-selling items — including their iconic razor — into a durable dopp kit that he can throw into any suitcase without worry. Oh, and the products are all in TSA-friendly sizes, so he won’t get flagged at security. $35, harrys.com

Colgate LED Whitening System

Wouldn’t it be great to give your dad a smile for Father’s Day, especially a smile he can be proud of? This new at-home whitening system mimics the kind found in dentists’ offices by combining bleaching gel with LED light, which helps facilitate the stain removal process and gets teeth whiter than the gel alone could. And it works fast: your dad will notice a whiter smile within 10 days. $145, shopcolgate.com

Triumph & Disaster Road Less Traveled Kit

This hair-focused travel kit contains everything your dad needs to take care of his hair on the fly: shampoo, conditioner, and a variety of styling products. Best of all, these travel-friendly products come in a dopp kit he’ll love made from oiled canvas (like his favorite Filson bag) and lined with water-resistant nylon. $65, triumphanddiaster.com

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