7 At-Home Body Devices And Tools That Actually Work

We’re hard on our bodies. These aesthetics, beauty, and wellness tools heal, restore, and replenish to keep us at our best.
Written by Kaitlin Clark
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7 At-Home Body Devices And Tools That Actually WorkJacob Lund/Shutterstock

It’s not every day that we come across an at-home device or tool that can walk the walk and offer tangible benefits. Results that rival in-office treatments? Even more elusive. As we’ve covered, there are a handful of facial technologies that fit the bill, and there are a crop of tools for below the neck that are worthy of your consideration, too.

From body groomers to muscle-relaxing tools to acne fighters, these devices offer serious benefits that will leave you wondering whether you were actually meant to be an aesthetician. Or, at the very least, they'll have you figuring out just how many weeks you can sneak between in-office treatment appointments without blinking an eye or sacrificing self care.

Below, the best body tools and devices for aesthetics, beauty, and wellness junkies.

For Getting Your Bod Light + Tight: Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Go Mat


What It Is: Basically, a heating pad on steroids. The Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Go Mat ($499) is a mini version of the brand’s best-selling full-size heating and healing mat. Powered by a combination of intense infrared heat and pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF), an energy therapy that boosts cells’ oxygen absorption by up to 200 percent, this mat is basically magic to reduce inflammation, recover faster from an injury or workout, or even just to close your eyes and chill the F out. We like to bend it to fit on our desk chairs to enjoy good vibes and healing all day long. What It Mimics: Since it provides heat and increases cellular stimulation, it mimics the effects of a body-recharging treatment, like a full-body massage or similar spa service. With consistent use — and it really doesn’t get easier or more user-friendly than this — you’ll feel an overall sense of wellbeing. Think less stress, more energy, fewer aches and pains. An added bonus? You’ll sleep like a baby at night.

For Serious Skin Resurfacing: Dr Dennis Gross Skincare DRx SpectraLite BodyWare Pro


What It Is: The DRx SpectraLite BodyWare Pro ($435) from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is truly a jack of all trades. Harnessing the power of LED light therapy, this flexible device goes to work on fine lines, dark spots, active breakouts, and acne scars by stimulating and speeding up the skin’s collagen production, while simultaneously killing blemish-causing bacteria. What It Mimics: A skin resurfacing peel or laser. If you don’t believe us, believe the data: In a clinical 10-week trial, 97 percent of participants who used this device daily showed overall improvement in acne and skin tone.

For Harmonious Hair Removal: Panasonic Electric Body Groomer


What It Is: Unlike single-use razors, the Panasonic Electric Body Groomer ($70) is designed to navigate the entire body, as well as the wide spectrum of hair textures and… hairiness. It even cuts through the coarsest curlies with the greatest of ease. What It Mimics: Although it won’t make your hair disappear forever, this groomer clips so close to the skin and hair follicle that, if it’s paired with a series of laser hair removal treatments, you can kiss any unwanted hair goodbye for good.

For a Lymphatic Detox: Esker All-Over Roller


What It Is: The concept is simple: take your favorite jade roller and supersize it for head-to-toe use. Yet, this Esker All-Over Roller ($65) takes rolling to a whole new level with its studded texture for an extra-strength dose of healing benefits. Oh, and the genuine Xiuyan jade looks beautiful on a vanity. What It Mimics: It’s spiky texture is not as painful or aggressive as you’d think. Rather, it breaks up tension-causing fascia (a.k.a. muscle tissue) to reduce puffiness, perhaps from one too many cocktails or salty appetizers the night before, while amping up the body’s naturally detoxifying lymphatic drainage process. This dreamy tool is a total dupe for a tension-relieving or lymphatic drainage massage.

For Firmer Skin: NuBODY by NuFACE


What It Is: Love the benefits of your NuFace? Well, the NuBody ($399) is the below-the-neck edition of the cult-classic skin-tightening device. In a five-minute treatment, this microcurrent tool has four powerful spheres to target the body’s larger and denser surface area to visibly smooth, tighten, and camouflage dimples — STAT. What It Mimics: This device imitates in-office cellulite and skin-tightening treatments, like Qwo™ or Emsculpt®, particularly for the stubborn hips-thighs-butt trio.

For Soothing Inflammation: RECOUP Cryosphere Ice Cold Massage Roller


What It Is: The RECOUP Cryosphere Ice Cold Massage Roller ($50) offers a comfortable cryo-at-home experience. The hands-free rolling gadget keeps your hands warm while the Arctic-level flip side shocks your entire body into a shivering snowman to release a bevy of circulation benefits, like firmer skin, muscle relief, and improved lymphatic flow. What It Mimics: Regular use stimulates blood flow, allowing ‘newer’ blood to rise to the surface of the skin — getting rid of excess water and offsetting puffiness from a sodium overload in the process. Plus, this handy, flexible tool lets you easily target trouble spots, so you can enjoy an icy contour similar to an in-office CoolSculpting® sesh, but in your bathroom. Or wherever.

For A Prick Then Pleasure: WTHN Acupressure Mat


What It Is: This holistic tool applies the traditional principles of acupuncture to stimulate and release tension from pressure points. Rest assured the spikes on the WTHN Acupressure Mat ($65) won’t actually puncture your skin. Instead, keep your weight evenly balanced across the pad to feel a uniform sense of relaxation across your whole body and neck. What It Mimics: Those scary-looking spikes mimic the benefits of acupressure and acupuncture treatments to alleviate pain or stress, encourage restful sleep, and release tension across the body that we didn’t even know we were carrying — among many other health and wellness benefits. Take a deep breath before you lay down (trust us!). Within a few seconds, you’ll feel nothing but zen.

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