Cosmetic Acupuncture

Acupuncture, which is used to treat a plethora of ailments from asthma to arthritis, can also be performed for cosmetic reasons. Cosmetic acupuncture is performed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more rejuvenated look.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

Cosmetic Acupuncture
avg. recovery
0 days
$50 - $100

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 07.27.2021

While there are a number of conflicting studies in regards to the efficacy of acupuncture, the practice has persisted for thousands of years. Acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of needles into the skin ranging from 3mm-2cm deep. Acupuncture originated in China, and was used to cure a number of illnesses and ailments. Thin needles were inserted into specific points to correct the flow of qi. Qi is the body’s life force, and when the flow of qi is disrupted, it causes an ailment ranging from allergies to tooth pain and everything in between. By inserting the needles at specific points along certain flows on the body, or meridians, it removes blockages, restores the flow of qi, and rids the body of its pain or sickness. Cosmetic acupuncture, also known as “natural Botox”, helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Although this treatment will not garner the same results as Botox, the procedure is meant to induce collagen production and provide a natural plumping to the skin. Effects from cosmetic acupuncture are more akin to microneedling than Botox, but will still not produce the same effect as microneedling. This is because microneedling devices cover a larger treatment area than individual acupuncture needles. The same needles that are used for acupuncture to treat pain are used during this treatment. The treatment area will be cleansed and the needles will be individually inserted into the skin. Needles are kept within a plastic tube, placed on top of the skin, and tapped to insert the needle into the skin. Once all of the needles are in place—up to 30-50 all over the head, face, and body—the needles will be kept in place for 20-30 minutes. Cosmetic acupuncture will help to induce collagen production and circulation to the treated area, improving fine lines. Multiple treatments will be needed to see results

The goal of a cosmetic acupuncture procedure is to target and improve imperfections of the skin such as fine lines and wrinkles.


Cosmetic Acupuncture addresses concerns such as:

Recovery Notes

There is no recovery time needed after cosmetic acupuncture.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for cosmetic acupuncture is someone that wishes to improve the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. Cosmetic acupuncture is also safe for darker skin tones, in contrast to many other skin rejuvenation techniques.

Not Recommended For

Cosmetic acupuncture is not recommended for candidates who have mild, moderate, or deeper lines and wrinkles who would better benefit from a more aggressive approach.

Side Effects

Side effects of cosmetic acupuncture are minor and rare but can include slight bruising or spot bleeding at the needle site.


  • less expensive
  • all skin tones
  • all skin types


  • multiple treatments
  • temporary

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