VelaShape is a cellulite reduction method that uses a combination of radiofrequency energy, infrared light, vacuum, and massage. The VelaShape hand piece delivers heat deep into the tissue to melt fat, firm skin, and lessen the appearance of dimples.

VelaShape Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

avg. recovery
0 days
Thermal Treatment
$150 - $2700

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 07.27.2021

Cellulite is caused by rigid, fibrotic strands, also called septae, that pull down the skin and accentuate pockets of fat, creating a visible dimpling effect. Cellulite mostly affects women and has no relation to the fitness level of the affected individual. While a healthy diet and regular exercise can lessen the appearance of cellulite, it does not have an affect on the septae that pulls down the skin. VelaShape, an improved upon version of VelaSmooth, allows for fat reduction, collagen production, and a softening of the septae for improved body contours. During treatment the patient will lie comfortably on a table. The VelaShape hand piece will be guided along the treatment area, deliver radiofrequency and infrared energy while simultaneously vacuuming and massaging the skin. The heat energy generated helps to break down and melt fat cells while the mechanical massage encourages blood flow, stimulating the lymphatic system to take away cellular debris. Results are seen after 4-6 treatments with continued improvement as collagen production increases and smoothens skin texture. Maintenance treatments are typically needed every 3 months.

The goal of VelaShape is to reduce the appearance of cellulite and skin dimpling.


VelaShape addresses concerns such as:

Recovery Notes

There is no recovery time associate with a VelaShape treatment session. Patients are able to return to normal activity following the procedure.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a VelaShape procedure has unwanted cellulite, is in generally good health with a stable body weight, and has no skin irritations in the treatment area.

Not Recommended For

VelaShape is not recommended for patients with certain internal medical devices such as a pacemaker or metal implants since the RF energy used during treatment can interfere with their efficacy.

Side Effects

Side effects from VelaShape are typically mild but may include temporary redness, bruising, or swelling of the treatment area.


  • Fewer treatment sessions
  • reduced cellulite


  • multiple treatments
  • temporary results
  • maintenance treatments necessary

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