How Much Does Radiesse Cost?

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Plump it up! If you’re considering dermal fillers, Radiesse® offers a unique formulation that may be the right choice for your facial rejuvenation. What’s the cost? We’ve got you covered.


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The Skinny

Content Reviewed by AEDIT Medical Advisory Board

Radiesse® by Merz is a calcium hydroxyapatite (CAHA)-based filler approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles. It is also commonly used across areas of the face and back of the hands as well.

Radiesse® and other dermal fillers (like hyaluronic acid-based Restylane® and Juvéderm®) and collagen stimulators are popular cosmetic injectables in the U.S. This is due to their efficacy, minimal side effects or downtime, and reasonable cost. Those who have allergic reactions to other collagen production focused dermal fillers may do better with a Radiesse® injectable. Radiesse® is not appropriate for those with bleeding disorders.

What is the average cost of Radiesse®?

So, how much does a Radiesse® injection cost? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average cost of a Radiesse® injection procedure was $690 in 2019. Please note this is a general cost estimate based on the price per syringe of Radiesse®, the fee of the provider administering the injection, and the geographic location of the facility.

AEDIT Average Radiesse Procedure Cost Range Chart

  • Average Cost of Radiesse®: $690
  • Price Range for Radiesse®: $650 - $2,700

For candidates considering Radiesse®, the total cost of the cosmetic injection will be dependent on a myriad factors outlined in the table below.

Factors to Consider in the Total Cost of a Radiesse® Procedure

Type of procedureFine lines/wrinkles, facial features, etc.
ProviderTraining, experience, specialty (dermatologist vs plastic surgery provider)
Consultation feesMay or may not count towards the final cost of the procedure
Cost per syringeDependent on provider and location
Location of procedureProvider fees vary by region and are typically higher for more experienced providers
Result maintenanceTiming and regularity of follow up treatments

The Specifics

What affects the cost of Radiesse®?

The cost of a Radiesse® treatment will be impacted by numerous elements, including the actual cost of the Radiesse®, the time of the injector, the body area treated, your desired final results, your location, and any supplies used during the injection. There are two variations of Radiesse® that are approved to treat different body areas. We’ve briefly overviewed them below:

  • Radiesse® contains the normal formulation of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres.
  • Radiesse+® contains CAHA plus a small amount of lidocaine (a local anesthetic) for injection comfort.

Cost by Treatment Area: Radiesse

It is important to remember that Radiesse® is a temporary injectable. The final results may come with one or numerous treatments and all results will require regular maintenance. For example, if your smile lines procedure costs $600 and maintenance is needed every six months, your cost per year to maintain results will be $1,200.

It is common for facilities and providers to offer discounts and incentive programs for regular Radiesse® users since most individuals pursue maintenance treatments. Familiarizing yourself with these types of incentives, financing options, and programs in your area can help to mitigate costs.

The table below offers an average range of single-session costs specific to areas typically treated with Radiesse®.

Average Radiesse® Cost by Treatment Area

Body AreaCost
Smile Lines (nasolabial folds)$600 to $1,200
Marionette Lines$600 to $1,800
Corners of the Mouth (oral commissure)$600 to $1,800
Pre-jowl Fold$600 to $1,800
Chin Wrinkles$600 to $1,200

What does the cost of Radiesse® include?

Radiesse® is most easily understood by thinking of the number of syringes needed for the desired result. In the U.S., Radiesse® syringes typically cost $600 to $800 each. The number of syringes required at each injection site will vary by candidate.

Besides the actual cost of the Radiesse® injections, there are additional fees for the injector’s time, supplies used during the procedure (gloves, needles, anesthetics like lidocaine), and, possibly, facility fees.

And just to drive home the point, the costs quoted are per session, and maintenance Radiesse® treatments are necessary to maintain the results. Don’t forget your provider or facility may offer incentive programs and financing options to lessen costs for regular injection patients.

How much does Radiesse® cost?

It’s worth repeating that the best way to think about the cost of Radiesse® is by the number of syringes needed at the injection site. While injectors do have guidelines as to the number of syringes needed for optimal results, the actual number of Radiesse® syringes used varies significantly by candidate. This is due to differences in gender, muscularity, treatment area, severity of issue, and desired results. The following table offers estimates of the number of Radiesse® syringes used by area. Remember that, on average, Radiesse® costs $600 to $800 per syringe in the United States.

Average Number of Radiesse® Syringes Used by Treatment Area

Body AreaCost
Smile Lines (nasolabial folds)1 to 2 syringes
Marionette Lines1 to 3 syringes
Corners of the Mouth (oral commissure)1 to 3 syringes
Pre-jowl Fold1 to 3 syringes
Chin Wrinkles1 to 2 syringes

If you’ve been reading closely, you might be asking yourself if there's a price difference depending on the type of Radiesse®. The answer is not especially, so it’s safe to use the numbers we’ve been listing as a pretty accurate guide.

How much does Radiesse® cost across the United States?

Another factor to consider with Radiesse® cost: Location! The ASPS 2019 Statistics Report shows 71 percent of all Radiesse® procedures take place on the coasts. This won’t be a surprise: cosmetic injectable costs tend to be higher on the coasts.

AEDIT Average Radiesse Procedure Costs By State Chart

The table below breaks down costs by state. The numbers in this table are from zip codes selected from the capital of each listed state.

Average Cost of Radiesse® Treatments by State

StateAverage Cost
New Hampshire$530-$1,770
New Jersey$530-$1,770
New Mexico$575-$955
New York$530-$1,770
North Carolina$535-$1,465
North Dakota$550-$1,645
Rhode Island$530-$1,770
South Carolina*$540-$1,680
South Dakota$550-$1,645
Washington DC$530-$1,770
West Virginia$530-$1,770

*these states are presented as national averages as specific information is not available

How much does Radiesse® cost around the world?

For those considering a Radiesse® cosmetic procedure abroad, the following table compares average costs for a few countries around the globe. Don’t forget the travel costs, reputation of the provider and facility, and recovery expenses related when looking at the price difference. The table below reflects costs converted to U.S. dollars.

Average Cost of Radiesse® per Syringe by Country in USD

CountryAverage Cost
Canada$600 to $800
Mexico$500 to $600
Colombia$450 to $550
United Kingdom$600 to $800
Australia$600 to $800
Japan$450 to $700
Dubai$600 to $800

Does insurance cover Radiesse®?

Insurance coverage is tricky, and, when it comes to insurance and aesthetic medicine, things get even trickier. Fear not, we can help. Prevailing wisdom is cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance. This is mostly true, although some cosmetic procedures with medical benefit for documented conditions may potentially be covered. Definitions from the American Medical Association (AMA) can help to further clarify this point:

  • Cosmetic Surgery: Reshapes normal structures of the body in order to improve appearance and self-esteem.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: Alterations to abnormal body structures caused by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors, or disease.

Radiesse® is not a surgery. And, while it does have FDA approval for cosmetic conditions, it does not have any medical indications (in contrast to Botox®). Suffice to say, your Radiesse® injection is not going to be covered by health insurance.

The Takeaway

Radiesse® is a calcium hydroxylapatite-based anti-aging, rejuvenation, and augmentation solution. A Radiesse® filler treatment is not going to be inexpensive, but it's benefits for volume loss and ability to create a significantly refreshed youthful appearance may just have you reaching for your wallet.

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