How Much Does Botox Cost?

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Botox® is a classic for good reason. It provides significant results with minimal invasiveness. But there are a myriad of factors to consider when determining if Botox® is the right financial choice for you. We’re here to help!


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The Skinny

‘Botox’ has been the colloquial term for cosmetic botulinum toxin type A (BoNT-A) injections since it was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the temporary improvement of moderate to severe glabellar lines (i.e. the frown lines between the eyebrows) in April 2002. In reality, Botox® (onabotulinumtoxina) specifically refers to the wrinkle relaxer manufactured by Allergan, and, while it is estimated to enjoy about 80 percent of the BoNT-A injection market, competitors include Dysport®, Jeaveau®, and Xeomin®.

What is the average cost of Botox®?

The average cost of a Botox® injection procedure according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) was $408 in 2019.

AEDIT Average Botox Procedure Cost Range Chart

  • Average Cost of Botox®: $408
  • Price Range for Botox®: $100 - $2,800

It is important to note that this is a general cost estimate based on cost per unit of Botox®, the provider, and the location of the facility. For candidates considering Botox®, the total cost of the cosmetic procedure will be largely determined by the concern being treated.

Factors to Consider in the Total Cost of a Botox® Procedure

Cost FactorExplanation
Procedure AreaFine lines & wrinkles, hyperhidrosis, calf reduction, etc.
ProviderTraining, experience, specialty
Consultation FeeMay or may not be applied towards procedure cost
Cost per UnitDependent on provider and location
LocationProvider fees vary by region
MaintenanceCadence of follow-up treatments

The Specifics

What affects the cost of Botox®?

The cost of a Botox® treatment will be affected by numerous factors. The actual cost of the Botox®, the time of the provider performing the procedure, the area being treated, the desired results, your geographic location, and procedural supplies all affect the total cost.

It is also important to remember that Botox® is temporary. Results, in some cases, can only be achieved through numerous treatments, and all results can only be maintained with regular maintenance sessions. For example, if your crow’s feet procedure costs $325 and maintenance is needed every four months, your cost per year to maintain results will be $1,300.

Cost by Treatment Area: Botox

Due to the upkeep required, many facilities and providers offer discounts, special offers, or rewards programs for regular Botox® candidates. Researching these types of programs and incentives in your area can help to reduce costs.

The table below reviews the areas typically treated for cosmetic reasons with Botox® with average price per session. This includes both FDA-approved treatment areas and off-label usage.

Average Botox® Cost by Treatment Area

Treatment AreaCost Range
Forehead (horizontal lines)$250 to $1,500
Glabellar Lines (frown lines)$200 to $1,500
Crow’s Feet$250 to $1,500
Brow$100 to $4,000
Nose$100 to $1,500
Chin$200 to $1,500
Jawline$500 to $1,500
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)$1,000 to $1,500
Calf$2,500 to $5,000

What does the cost of Botox® include?

You might be wondering what these cost ranges actually include. Botox® is most easily understood by considering the number of units needed for the desired cosmetic result. In the United States, Botox® typically costs $10 to $20 per unit. Numerous units will be needed at each injection site and may vary by individual.

Besides the actual cost of the Botox® units, there will be charges for the provider’s time, the supplies used in the procedure (gloves, needles, anesthetics), and possibly facility fees. The prices outlined above are per session costs. Maintenance treatments will be needed. Depending on your provider and the facility, there may be incentive programs to reduce costs for regular patients.

How much does Botox® cost?

The best way to think about Botox® cost is to consider the number of units needed. While injectors receive guidelines regarding the number of units needed to achieve optimal results in each treatment area, the actual number of units used will vary due to factors like gender, muscularity, severity of issue, and desired results. The table below provides estimates of the general number of units needed by area. Remember that Botox® costs, on average, $10 to $20 per unit in the United States.

Average Number of Units of Botox® Used by Treatment Area

Procedure AreaAverage # of Units
Forehead (horizontal lines)15 to 25 units
Glabellar Lines (frown lines)20 to 30 units
Crow’s Feet20 to 30 units
Brow20 to 40 units
Nose20 to 30 units
Chin10 to 25 units
Jawline20 to 30 units
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)80 to 200 units
Calf80 to 200 units

How much does Botox® cost across the United States?

Another factor with a large impact on Botox® cost? Location, location, location. The ASPS 2020 Statistics Report shows 73 percent of all Botox® procedures take place along the coasts. It’s probably not surprising, therefore, to learn that cosmetic surgery costs tend to be higher on the east and west coasts.

AEDIT Average Botox Procedure Costs By State Chart

The table below breaks down costs by state. The numbers in this table are from zip codes selected from the capital of each listed state.

Average Cost of Botox® Treatments by State

StateAverage Cost
New Hampshire$245-$1,060
New Jersey$245-$1,060
New Mexico$230-$555
New York$245-$1,060
North Carolina$515-$625
North Dakota$280-$810
Rhode Island$245-$1,060
South Carolina*$325-$725
South Dakota$280-$810
Washington DC$245-$1,060
West Virginia$245-$1,060

*these states are presented as national averages as specific information is not available

How much does Botox® cost around the world?

For those considering a Botox® cosmetic procedure abroad, the following table looks at the average total treatment cost for a few countries around the world. Bear in mind the additional travel fees, the reputation of the provider and facility, and expenses related to recovery when considering the cost difference. The table below reflects costs converted to U.S. dollars.

Average Cost of Botox® Treatments by Country in USD

CountryAverage Cost
Canada$200 to $1,000
Mexico$50 to $750
Colombia$25 to $500
United Kingdom$150 to $750
Australia$150 to $1,000
Japan$100 to $550
United Arab Emirates$125 to $500

Does insurance cover the cost of Botox®?

Insurance coverage is always confusing, and, when it comes to health insurance and aesthetic medicine, things get even murkier. We can help. Prevailing wisdom states cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance, While this is generally true, certain cosmetic procedures that provide a medical benefit for documented conditions can be covered. Definitions from the American Medical Association (AMA) can help to further clarify this point:

  • Cosmetic Surgery: Reshapes normal structures of the body in order to improve appearance and self-esteem.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: Alterations to abnormal body structures caused by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors, or disease.

Botox® is not a surgery, however, it does have FDA approval for numerous medical conditions. These include chronic migraines (severe headaches), cervical dystonia (neck muscle spasms), lazy eye, muscle contractures, hyperhidrosis, bladder dysfunction, and eye twitching. In these instances, Botox® would most likely be covered by insurance. In all other cases, like reducing signs of aging, altering facial features, and lessening calf musculature, Botox® will not be covered by your insurance provider.

The Takeaway

As you can see, Botox® treatment costs vary significantly depending on unique candidate needs, geographic location, and provider. The information in this article can help you to get a general idea of average Botox® prices and also be used as a guide for questions to ask during a consultation with an experienced injector.
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