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Cheek Augmentation & Cheek Reduction Solutions

What do elves and most Hollywood A-listers have in common? Stunning cheekbones! And you can have them, too, with the help of a board certified provider.

Cheek Augmentation & Cheek Reduction Solutions

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The Skinny

Who doesn’t love a strong cheekbone or a nice high cheekbone? Don’t we all wish our zygomatic bones were sharp as glass? Ok, maybe not. But a refined and defined cheek appearance can greatly enhance facial aesthetic and create a youthful appearance (check out our complete guide to Cheek Volume Concerns). If your cheeks are too full, not full enough, your cheekbone is dull or way too sharp, or you want some dimples, a cheek augmentation or cheek reduction procedure with a board certified plastic surgeon can create the cheek definition, look, and volume you desire.

The Specifics

Who may consider cheek augmentation or reduction procedures?

In case you missed the anatomy lesson on the concern page, here’s a quick recap. The cheekbone (a.k.a. malar or zygomatic bone) sits just below and to the ear side of the eye. The soft tissue extending down towards the lower jaw (mandible) contains soft tissue, the buccal fat pad, and the parotid gland (salivary gland). Issues related to any of these structures can cause any one of the below sub concerns.

  • Hollow & Sagging Cheeks: This can be caused by an overly prominent cheekbone, lack of volume of the buccal fat pad, and/or low body weight/fat. These conditions cause a sunken cheek appearance.
  • Full Cheeks: Full cheeks generally correlate to excessive volume of the buccal fat pad or soft tissues of the cheek. An under defined cheekbone may also contribute to an overly full cheek appearance.
  • Cheekbone Definition: The cheekbone defines the appearance of the cheek/midface. The volume of the buccal fat pad may also make the cheekbone appear more or less defined. Those with low body weight/fat may have more pronounced cheekbones as will certain ethnic groups.
  • Dimples: These are the small indentations appearing in the smile line at rest or when flashing your pearly whites. For those with naturally occurring dimples, a tight and short zygomaticus major (a muscle in the cheek) is the culprit.

What can you expect from a cheek augmentation and reduction procedure?

Both cheek augmentation and cheek reduction procedures exist to refine, define, and alter the cheek appearance. The level of invasiveness depends on the procedure. A general overview of procedures is below:

  • Cheek Augmentation: Can correct sagging or hollow cheeks, and can also be used to create dimples. Augmentation procedures utilize injectables to enhance and fill out the cheek. Fillers, implants, and fat transfer can be utilized.
  • Cheek Reduction: For those seeking to correct overly full cheeks or alter the underlying zygomatic bone, a reduction procedure like Buccal Fat Removal or Zygoma Reduction Plasty (cheekbone reduction) can reduce volume, soften overly harsh definition, and refine overall cheek appearance.
  • Dimpleplasty: For those seeking to create a dimple within the smile line, a dimpleplasty can create a permanent indentation.

Each of the reviewed procedures will carry different side effects, recovery times, and permanence of results. Injectables are generally minimally invasive with few side effects, but require regular maintenance. Surgical procedures to bone or soft tissue will necessitate more recovery but produce lasting results.

When should you consider a cheek augmentation and reduction procedure?

The ideal time to consider a plastic surgery cheek procedure is when it feels right... well, kind of. For best results, candidates should be in generally good health, have ruled out underlying medical illness, mentally prepared for recovery, and set realistic expectations. And yes, when it feels like it’s time to create your ideal appearance then it definitely is.

Why should you consider a cheek augmentation and reduction procedure?

As with most cosmetic surgery procedures, a professional enhancement provides more precise, longer lasting, and more significant alterations to appearance. There’s nothing wrong with some good DIY home cosmetic solutions, but, if you're seeking to spend less time, mental energy, and money on daily routines to adjust your appearance, then a cheek augmentation or cheek reduction procedure is an excellent choice.

Cheek Augmentation Procedures

For those concerned with hollow or sagging cheeks or lack of dimples, an augmentation with facial implants procedure can provide a significant refinement to cheek appearance. Cheek augmentation can enhance cheek fullness and volume leading to a more toned and refined look.

Cheek Reduction Procedures

Overly full cheeks or undesirable cheekbone definition can be corrected with a buccal fat removal or zygoma reduction plasty. These procedures can alter the soft tissue of the cheek or the underlying bone structure to define the cheek.

For Dimples

Are you okay with the volume of your cheeks but want a different kind of definition? Dimpleplasty can create a more youthful and jovial smile.

The Takeaway

A board certified plastic surgeon can create the cheek definition and volume you wish God gave you. Through injectable fillers, cheek implants, or surgical procedures, cheek augmentation and cheek reduction procedures are safe, effective, and precise. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to schedule a consultation and become the Grecian god or goddess you’ve always dreamed of being.

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