The Best Tubing Mascaras For Smudge-Proof Length

These 10 formulas just might change your mascara game forever.
Written by Beth Shapouri
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The Best Tubing Mascaras For Smudge-Proof LengthLuca Iaconelli/Unsplash

For those wielding a battle every night to remove their mascara armed only with a cotton ball, makeup remover, and willpower dwindling by the day, we have two words for you: tubing mascara. Rather than just sit on your lashes until dissolved with a cleanser, these formulas form, well, tubes around each and every strand via polymers — kind of like a tiny liquid vinyl catsuit around every hair — that slips right off when wet with plain ol’ water. Here’s what you need to know about the game-changing formulas.

How to Use a Tubing Mascara

While they’re not new (the OG of the category, Blinc, was introduced to the U.S. market in 1999), it seems like the masses are finally catching on to their wonders. Sir John, celebrity makeup artist and creative director for L’Oréal Paris, says his clients love tubing mascaras because they are “extremely long-lasting” and “smudge-proof,” yet they glide right off. “If you haven’t used one before, you’ll probably be a little shocked when you go to take off the mascara at the end of the day,” he says. “It’s extremely easy.” And don’t be alarmed by the hair-like tubes washing away. “The little tubes may look like you’ve lost all of your lashes, but you haven’t,” he cautions. “So, don’t worry!”

These days, there are a lot of tubing mascaras to choose from. Some come with fibers that add millimeters onto the ends of your lashes; some come with a primer for extra drama; and some are simply made as a swap for your daily tube. You apply just like regular mascara — although it might take some time to get used to the way the rubbery and sometimes even goopy texture goes on. Whether you can build with multiple coats (while wet or dry) depends on the formula.

You can even use them to complement your favorite conventional formula. If you are looking for a true pro tip, Sir John offers this: “Since the tubing mascara is more about lengthening than volumizing, I apply the [tubing] mascara just like the primer,” he explains. “Before it dries, I layer on a volumizing mascara.” That way, he gets the best of both worlds — the ease of taking off the tubing formula with the denser pay-off of an ultra-volumizing one.

Below, a few of the best to get you started:

The Tried-and-True: Blinc Mascara Amplified Mascara


Blinc has been collecting fans in the States for over 20 years — and they’re loyal. The Amplified formula gets love for being more buildable than the original and for being budge-proof even on the oiliest of eyelids. It’s also been clinically tested for sensitive eyes and contact wearers. $26,

The Budget-Friendly Choice: Essence Bye Bye Panda Eyes! Mascara


This thicker option gives more volume than most tubing formulas. It takes a little practice to get the right swipe (it can get a bit clumpy, if you’re not careful to wipe off the excess), but the payoff — especially for the price — is worth it. $5,

The Natural Finish: EM Cosmetics Pick Me Up Volume and Length Mascara


For folks who like a flexible daytime mascara, this is your go-to. Packed with hyaluronic acid and rice bran extract, it offers a customizable finish. One swipe gives a soft, understated effect, but you can layer over dry coats for more impact. $24,

The Falsie Equivalent: L’Oréal Paris Double Extend Mascara


This two-step formula comes with a primer that preps for full-impact lashes and nourishes them with ceramides. Sir John’s method for getting the most bang for his buck: “First, wiggle mascara primer into the roots of your top lashes — going back and forth like a toothbrush — and then pull through.” Finish it off by immediately layering on the topcoat. $12,

The Lengthener: Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara


This formula is a big win for beauty lovers who live for a lengthening mascara thanks to the ultra-fine fibers that make every lash look like it goes on forever. The vitamin B5, sodium hyaluronate, and orchid stem cell complex, meanwhile, strengthens hair over time, so it doubles as a treatment. $24,

The Drama Queen: Guide Beauty Lash Wrap Mascara


If you’re into a black, black, black lash, this is the formula for you. An added bonus for those who feel like they’re all thumbs when it comes to putting on makeup: the slim brush and stability ring make application a snap. $26,

The Quick Definer: Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara


This lash-enveloping mascara gets every single one of your little hairs — yes, even the tiny guys in the corners — with an ultra-skinny wand. It’s a good option for those who like to wear mascara on their bottom lashes but still want it to read as natural. $28,

The Heavy Lifter: Hourglass Unlocked Instant Extensions Lengthening Mascara


If you need a little help keeping your lashes curled, this one provides an uplifted effect thanks to its big fluffy applicator. Oh, and the fibrous formula adds enough length to ensure your peepers pop in pictures. $29,

The Gym-Proof Option: Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara


This sweat-resistant select gets major love from people who like to wear mascara when they workout. It’s not only formulated to withstand high humidity but also high heat, which also makes it a must for your next beach vacation. $28,

The Pop of Color: Maybelline Snapscara Washable Mascara


Leave it to the king of mascaras, Maybelline, to figure out a way to make a tubing option that swipes on exactly like a regular formula. In fact, you won’t know the difference until it’s time to take it off and you see the tubing aftermath on your fingers. But the real fun here is the color options: In addition to your usual black and brown shades, it comes in poppy hues like Deja Blue (above) and Black Cherry. $8,

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