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As a plastic surgeon, my goal is not to change your unique expressions and features but to refine your facial or body image, enhancing and restoring your natural beauty. We all realize that the aging process cannot be eliminated - but it can be slowed, altered, refined, and balanced to preserve elegance, regardless of age. Most patients are happy to be their age, but they want to look the best that they can. To help obtain this balance, I have created a multi-disciplinary team of top dietitians, physical trainers and aestheticians to enhance your surgical results. I have realized that plastic surgery is as much about treating the patient as it is about performing the procedure. The goal is a healthier, happier you.

Training in the modern era of plastic surgery has enabled me to be facile with the latest data-proven technologies and has led me to incorporate this technology into a traditional surgical practice. In recent years, I have watched the pendulum change from an over-plumped, over-stretched standard into a more balanced, natural enhancement. Most patients wish to look like a better version of themselves, not an idealized plastic surgery model. To achieve this, I use a multi-modality approach combining small "tweaks" to deliver a fresher appearance. Whether using micro-droplets of fillers, a combination of lasers and surgery or using newer techniques in the operating room, the new paradigm of beauty is no longer just desirable but is now achievable.


Professional & Academic Titles

  • Director of Doft Park Avenue Plastic Surgery
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College

Professional Specialties

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Years of Experience

  • 8 years of experience

Languages Spoken

  • English

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American Board of Surgery - General

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Questions and Answers

  • About 50% of the edema or swelling will resolve six weeks after surgery. But for the final look, it is necessary to wait for one year.

  • Yes. I often perform otoplasties in the office using local anesthesia for adults. Many adults like having the procedure performed without anesthesia, leaving the office immediately after the procedure. I do recommend anesthesia for children.

  • Due to thin eyelid skin, the eyes tend to bruise a considerable amount. Most of the bruising will resolve after one week. Any extra bruising can usually be covered up with make-up. Eyelid surgery is also not very painful. Most patients will only need Tylenol for pain relief the first day or two after surgery.

  • This is a question that I am asked every day and the age is different for each person. Patients who smoked, had significant sun exposure, weight fluctuations, or entered menopause earlier will tend to age faster. I always tell my patients that when you are looking in the mirror and are not happy more days than not, it is time to come in. There is nothing better to define your jawline and correct a sagging neck than a facelift.

I believe individuality should be celebrated.

Melissa Doft, MD, FACS

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