Umbilicoplasty, or belly button surgery, is a procedure that changes the appearance or shape of the belly button. It can be performed alone or as part of another surgery such as a tummy tuck or a body lift.

Umbilicoplasty Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

avg. recovery
0 weeks
Is permanent
Laser/Light Therapy
$2000 - $5000

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 09.18.2021

For those who are unhappy with the appearance of their belly buttons, an umbilicoplasty can help to repair the aesthetics of the navel after pregnancy, unsatisfied results from a previous tummy tuck, or a naturally protruding "outie" belly button. The navel can also change after significant weight loss or if the patient has experienced an abdominal hernia. While typically performed in conjunction with other surgeries such as an abdominoplasty, umbilicoplasty procedures can be performed on their own as well. During an umbilicoplasty, a discreet incision is made deep within the belly button. Excess fat and skin will be removed to achieve a slim, oval-shaped, "innie" belly button. Any small herniations and bulging will also be addressed. Skin will be repositioned so the navel will have a slightly hooded appearance. After reshaping the belly button into a more attractive and natural appearance, the incisions will be closed with sutures. By reshaping the bellybutton, the entire abdominal area can appear leaner and longer.

Generally, the goal of an umbilicoplasty is to achieve an innie, oval shaped belly button with a slight hood. This shape helps abdominal muscles to appear leaner and the torso to look longer.


Umbilicoplasty addresses concerns such as:

Recovery Notes

Directly after a belly button surgery, patients may experience swelling and soreness. Most patients can return to work soon within 1-3 days after surgery, depending on if the surgery was done alongside an abdominoplasty.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for an umbilicoplasty procedure is of a healthy weight and is unhappy with either the size, shape, or appearance of their belly button.

Not Recommended For

Umbilicoplasty is not recommended for patients who are significantly overweight.

Side Effects

Side effects from an umbilicoplasty may include tenderness, swelling, asymmetry, as well as over or under correction.


  • innie belly button
  • oval shape navel
  • enhance abdominal muscles
  • hidden scar
  • quick procedure


  • potentially invasive if combined with an abdominoplasty

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