SmoothShapes combines multiple technologies to combat cellulite. The SmoothShapes hand piece combines laser and light energy as well as vacuum and massage to target dimpled skin. While laser and light energy are used to “melt” fat cells and increase collagen production, the mechanic massage and vacuum helps to stimulate the lymphatic system to carry away cell debris.

SmoothShapes Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

avg. recovery
0 days
$2000 - $4000

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 08.03.2021

Most women, 80-90%, will develop cellulite during their lifetime with some experiencing the skin dimpling condition as early as puberty. Diet and exercise can help to diminish its appearance but will not erase it entirely. While diet and exercise can help to reduce bulging fat deposits that accentuate cellulite dimples, the condition of the skin and underlying fibrous connective tissues that pull down at the skin remain unaddressed. SmoothShapes targets fat and improves skin condition by disrupting fat cells while also encouraging collagen production to firm and plump the skin. The SmoothShapes system combines all of the noninvasive methods used to treat cellulite into one hand piece. SmoothShapes utilizes laser and LED energy to break down fat cells while simultaneously stimulating collagen production for continued firming of the skin. At the same time, the SmoothShapes hand piece is rolling and vacuuming the skin to encourage lymphatic drainage and improved circulation. Before treatment, both patient and practitioner will put on protective eyewear which should be worn throughout the entire session. Sessions last 10 minutes per treatment area. When the SmoothShapes hand piece is applied to the skin, patients will experience a massage-like rolling and suctioning. Once the treatment is completed, patients are able to resume normal daily activity. A series of 8 treatments over the course of 4 weeks is needed. Results can be seen as soon as 1 month after however final results are seen after 6 months. Upkeep treatments are needed 1-2 times yearly.

The goal of SmoothShapes is to improve and diminish the appearance of cellulite.


SmoothShapes addresses concerns such as:

Recovery Notes

There is no recovery time associated with a SmoothShapes procedure and most patients can typically return to normal activity almost immediately after the procedure.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for SmoothShapes is in generally good health and would like to treat cellulite.

Not Recommended For

SmoothShapes is not recommended for pregnant women.

Side Effects

Side effects from SmoothShapes are minimal and typically resolve within hours of treatment but may include skin redness, mild tingling and warmth, and an increase in urination the day of treatment. Very rarely, bruising may occur which resolves in 5-10 days.


  • Quick procedure
  • non invasive


  • many treatments

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