Shave Excision of a Mole

Superficial moles can be removed by a simple shave excision. A dermatologist will use a sharp razor to excise unwanted growths in a quick, in office procedure. Be sure to check with your skincare professional for unusual mole characteristics before removal.

Shave Excision of a Mole Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

Shave Excision of a Mole
avg. recovery
5 days
Minor Surgical Procedure
$150 - $500

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 08.02.2021

Moles are collections of pigmented cells within the skin. While some may consider moles a part of their signature look, such as Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford, others find these growths unsightly. Superficial moles can be removed in a simple, in office procedure by a dermatologist. Larger moles that extend deeper into the dermis may require a more invasive punch removal or surgical excision. Birthmarks that are vascular such as Port Wine stains, cannot be as easily cut off and would need treatment with either laser or light therapies. Once a skincare professional has determined the mole to be noncancerous, the growth can be removed. Before the mole is excised the doctor will inject a numbing anesthetic beneath the mole to not only reduce the amount of discomfort experienced by the patient, but also raise the mole for easier removal. Next, the doctor will use a sharp razor to expertly remove the growth. Patients may feel a pushing sensation or pressure in the area of the mole but typically do not feel pain. After the mole is completely removed the doctor will apply an antibiotic ointment and sterile bandage.

The goal of a shave excision is to remove a benign-appearing, surface level mole.


Shave Excision of a Mole addresses concerns such as:

Recovery Notes

Healing after the shave excision method can take a week but is typically minimal. The excisions site must be kept dry for 24 hours. It is important to protect the excision from direct sunlight and you will be advised to wear an SPF once healed.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a shave excision wants to remove a raised, benign-appearing mole for the best cosmetic result.

Not Recommended For

Shave excision of a mole is not recommended for patients with suspicious moles who have not consulted with a dermatologist to determine if the mole is cancerous.

Side Effects

Potential side effects from a shave excision may include a scar at the site of surgery, brown pigmentation at the base of the mole, and regrowth of the mole.


  • best result
  • small scar
  • no stitches


  • reoccurrence
  • incomplete removal

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