Modified Lip Lift

The modified lip lift method targets the upper lip regions of the mouth. It creates in effect a broader, more attractive smile by exposing the upper regions of the teeth at rest. This region of the mouth tends to become covered during the natural aging process, therefore the result of a modified lip lift is a more youthful appearance.

Modified Lip Lift Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

Modified Lip Lift
avg. recovery
10 days
Is permanent
Surgical Procedure
$3000 - $4500

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 08.02.2021

The modified lip lift decreases the space between the lips and the nostrils while simultaneously increasing the volume of the upper lip. The modified lip lift incorporates a similar technique to the subnasal lip lift but instead places the scar deeper within the nostrils. This avoids the continuous scar that is found with the subnasal lip lift. Prior to surgery, the doctor will mark how much skin will be removed to produce the most aesthetically pleasing result for the patient. Then, a local anesthetic that is combined with epinephrine will be applied throughout the surgical area. Once the patient is thoroughly numbed the incisions will be made. Once the resection process is complete, the resulting skin flaps will be undermined and lifted into the nasal cavity. At this point, the surgeon will further define the amount of tooth exposure, relieve any skin tension, and address any inherent lip asymmetries. Male patients considering this treatment may be advised to have permanent hair removal on the upper lip using electrolysis. Since skin from the upper lip will be advanced upwards into the nostrils, it is best to permanently remove hair from these areas to ensure a natural look post surgery. For patients with a prominent philtral column, which is the vertical indentation in the middle area of the upper lip, it is suggested to thin the excised flaps in order to ensure a natural appearance and avoid the look of intranasal philtral extension.

The modified lip lift targets candidates with long upper lips in reference to the non-red portion of the lip below the nose. This lip lift causes the red lip to roll outwardly achieving a more youthful "fuller" look. This lift can also be used to create a wider smile, increasing tooth show.


Modified Lip Lift addresses concerns such as:

Recovery Notes

Control swelling with cool compresses after a modified lip lift surgery. Take prescribed pain medications as instructed by your provider. Sutures will be removed after 5 days. It is normal for the incision site to appear raised throughout recovery however this will fade once the healing process is complete.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a modified lip lift presents with an elongated white lip or has height mismatch between the white lip and red lip.

Not Recommended For

A modified lip lift is is not recommended for candidates with active infections in or around the mouth such as herpes, lupus, blood-clotting diseases, diabetes, or heavy smokers unwilling to quit for a short period.

Side Effects

Side effects from a modified lip lift may include infection, fluid accumulation (seroma), wound separation, abnormal scarring, loss of sensation, or dissatisfaction with the aesthetic results.


  • permanent
  • scar is hidden
  • improved lip fullness


  • noticeable scar
  • external scar

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