Corner Lip Lift

One of the primary factors leading to an aged appearance in the face is wrinkling around the mouth and ptosis at the lip corners, causing a down turned appearance to the mouth. A corner lip lift can be performed to counteract this aging process. The procedure involves removing a small wedge at both corners of the mouth, known as the oral commissures.

Corner Lip Lift Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

Corner Lip Lift
avg. recovery
1 weeks
Is permanent
Surgical Procedure
$2000 - $4000

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 09.17.2021

To counteract down turning at the corner of the mouth and the accompanying aged appearance, the corner lip lift is an efficient procedure with minimal recovery time. To complete the procedure effectively, extreme care must be taken during the incision process as cuts are made precisely on the edge of the upper outer edges of the lip, much like the Gullwing lip lift. Then, a small triangular area of skin is delicately removed at the corner of the mouth. Once sutures are in place, the result is a slight upturning of the lips, which leads to a more youthful appearance. The corner lip lift is ideal for patients requiring a more permanent solution to issues in the deep oral commissure grooves. If the grooves are particularly deep and prominent, surgery may not lead to a 100 percent correction, but in most instances will lead to a drastic improvement. The procedure involves local anesthesia and is in most instances completed is as little as 30 minutes. The corner lip lift bears a very short recovery time and scarring is minimal. Pricing for the operation ranges from approximately $2,000- $4,000.

The goal of a corner lip lift is to raise persistently down turned corners of the mouth.


Corner Lip Lift addresses concerns such as:

Recovery Notes

During recovery from a corner lip lift, patients will need to be mindful of their incisions. Limit expressive mouth movements such as laughing or yawning. A liquid or soft diet will likely be recommended postoperatively. Cut food into small pieces to not stretch incisions.

Ideal Candidate

Any candidate who presents with the appearance of downturned corners of the mouth or a persistent "frown" look would be a good candidate for a corner lip lift. This procedure is often the best choice for younger patients who have not begun to show any signs of skin sagging, folding, or wrinkling below the corners of the mouth, but have experienced drooping of the outer lip corners.

Not Recommended For

A corner lip lift is not recommended for candidates with active infections in or around the mouth such as herpes, lupus, blood-clotting diseases, diabetes, or heavy smokers unwilling to quit for a short period.

Side Effects

Side effects from a corner lip lift may include swelling, scarring, infection, and bleeding.


  • permanent
  • improved mouth position


  • external scar
  • asymmetry

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