Male Chest Augmentation Solutions

When the bench press doesn’t cut it, it may be time to consider a professional, more permanent solution.

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The Skinny

We love a good weightlifting workout, but when repping it out in the gym is not producing the pecs of a Grecian god, it can get frustrating. Chest definition is mostly defined by the underlying musculature, and genetic predispositions can have even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast struggling to overcome a lack of gains (learn more in our complete guide to Male Chest Definition Concerns). Chest augmentation procedures can also help to create a more symmetrical and defined chest, if there is asymmetry secondary to trauma or a previous surgery. Regardless of the cause, there are safe and effective plastic surgery solutions to create the chest of Adonis — or at least your version of it.

The Specifics

Who needs a male chest augmentation?

A quick recap of chest anatomy. The nipple is surrounded by the dark skin of the areola. Under the skin is a layer of subcutaneous tissue (fat), beneath the fat lies muscle tissue, and finally the rib cage.

The biggest muscle of the chest is the pectoralis major. The pectoralis minor, serratus anterior, and anterior deltoid may also contribute to chest appearance. So why might you want to professionally enhance this area? Check if you fall into either of these categories:

  • Small Chest: Despite your best efforts, it remains unclear if you even have pectoral muscles.
  • Misshapen Chest: Asymmetry secondary to a birth defect, trauma, or previous procedure.

If either of those descriptions feel relevant then you might want to consider looking into a chest implant-note we didn’t say breast, but if we’re being honest there’s not much difference

What can you expect from male chest augmentation?

So, it’s time to bulk up? With a chest augmentation you can expect to spend some time meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon during an initial consultation. Once it’s determined an implant is an appropriate procedure, a surgeon will work with you to create the ideal aesthetic. Keep in mind implants are silicone or saline filled artificial pouches that will not actually affect the pectoralis muscle, but rather will fill out the appearance of the entire chest area. Implants can move or become displaced, although this is not common. The procedure involves small incisions under general anesthesia.

Post-surgery expect to wear a compression garment for a few weeks. There will be some activity limitations and follow up visits.

When should you seek male chest augmentation?

It’s a cosmetic procedure so the right time is when you’re ready. Bonus points if you are in generally good health, have reasonable expectations of the procedure, and can commit to the recovery time. In the case of implants for reconstructive reasons then pursuing treatment is a decision for you and your provider. If your desire for implants is purely aesthetic then keep in mind that it makes sense to have committed to a diet and exercise routine prior to seeking surgical intervention.

Why should you seek male chest augmentation?

Why seek out a procedure to enhance your chest? Here are a couple of possible reasons: to trick people into thinking you can press triple your body weight, to pose as a living Greek statue, or to look really good with your shirt off.

Male Chest Augmentation

Pectoral implants are the best way to augment the size of the chest, while high-definition liposuction techniques can further refine chest definition.

The Takeaway

There are a growing number of male patients pursuing cosmetic procedures despite the prevalent belief that plastic surgery is all about female breast implants and tummy tucks. Pec implants for pectoral augmentation is a cosmetic procedure performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. Pectoral implants are not a solution to a healthy, muscular appearance. But, for men who are committed to fitness and not seeing their ideal results, a pectoral implant can create the ideal chest.

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