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Whether due to genetics, medical conditions, or lifestyle, excessive breast tissue can be corrected through reduction procedures.

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The Skinny

According to the 2018 American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Statistics Report, over 24,000 male breast reduction procedures were performed in 2018. Men seeking to create their ideal chest aesthetic and body contour may benefit from a professional procedure to reduce excess breast tissue and define the chest appearance (learn more in our complete guide to Male Chest Definition Concerns).


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The Specifics

Who needs a male breast reduction?

The most common cause for cosmetic male chest procedures is gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a relatively common condition that causes excess breast tissue to develop in men and give the appearance of a more female shaped breast (without the functional glandular tissue that defines the female breast). Genetics, age, body weight and body fat, medical conditions, medications, anabolic steroids, and illegal drugs can all contribute to the accumulation of excess fatty tissue.

An estimated 70 percent of adolescent boys experience pubertal gynecomastia and up to 65 percent of middle-aged or older men may experience gynecomastia due to the natural hormonal and physical changes of aging.

Enlarged male breasts are mainly caused by an imbalance of sex hormones. Too little testosterone and/or too much estrogen can cause excess breast tissue to develop.

What can you expect from a male breast reduction?

A male breast reduction procedure will be an invasive surgical procedure to excise excess soft tissue from the chest wall. It is usually performed under general anesthesia. Prior to a plastic surgery procedure, a gynecomastia patient should stop smoking, avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs, and have a full examination and work up by their medical provider.

It is important to note certain cases of gynecomastia will self resolve naturally or through lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, improving the diet, committing to a fitness regimen, or adjusting medications or supplements.

When should you seek male breast reduction?

An important consideration when determining the best time to seek treatment for gynecomastia is ensuring you have had a complete medical evaluation by your provider. Underlying conditions like kidney disease, kidney failure, liver disease, prostate cancer, or endocrine disorders may contribute to the formation of gynecomastia and these issues should be addressed prior to considering a surgical procedure.

Additionally, in the case of modifiable lifestyle factors like weight, diet, exercise, supplement use, drug and alcohol use, and steroid use, correcting these issues will be the first therapy prior to considering an invasive procedure.

Why should you seek male breast reduction?

Once underlying, more serious medical conditions have been ruled out and lifestyle changes have been trialed, pursuing a breast reduction procedure can be an empowering choice both physically and emotionally. Men who are frustrated by an undesirable chest appearance can, with the help of a board certified plastic surgeon, create their ideal chest aesthetic and contour.

Male Breast Reduction

The primary way to reduce the size of the chest is via gynecomastia surgery.

The Takeaway

Gynecomastia is the presence of excess fatty tissue and breast tissue in men leading to the so-called 'man boob.' Male breast reduction procedures with a board certified plastic surgeon can alter and enhance the male chest for a more refined and defined appearance. The self-confidence of a defined, masculine chest will have you looking forward to the next beach season.

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