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Lip Augmentation Solutions

A full, luscious lip can be achieved through popular surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Lip Augmentation Solutions

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The Skinny

Lip size is an essential component of facial symmetry, balance, and aesthetic (read our guide to lip size). A board certified plastic surgeon can assist in creating the perfect volume both at rest and when displaying your best smile. Lip augmentation procedures to create volume and enhance fullness of both the upper lip and lower lip are excellent choices for creating an ideal lip size, while also combatting the effects of aging. Permanent and temporary solutions exist within a wide range of invasiveness, meaning there is an ideal fix for every concern.

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The Specifics

Who may consider a lip augmentation procedure?

Those who may wish to consider lip size modifications include men and women looking to enhance their natural appearance or those whose daily activities are being adversely impacted by irregularities of small size or thinning.

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What can you expect from lip augmentation procedures?

From the comfort of your home to the safety of a professional operating room, there exists a multitude of procedures to suit all needs and desires. Simple home makeup applications, permanent or temporary injectables, and surgical procedures are available, and increasing in popularity. Basic procedures have minimal recovery time, while more involved surgeries may require one to four weeks for complete recovery. The permanence of results is dependent upon an individual candidate’s goals, allowing for nominal to enduring change.

When should you consider a lip augmentation procedure?

If you are in generally good health, the timing of a lip procedure is usually only limited by active infection (like cold sores), illness, and, with most methods, inability to quit smoking for the time around the procedure. One should also consider the side effects and involved recovery time when planning their experience.

Why should you consider lip augmentation?

Any cosmetic procedure is of course a highly personal decision, however, those with an interest in and commitment to enhancing their natural appearance through trusted and effective procedures should consider engaging the assistance of a professional to determine their best course of action.

Professional Lip Augmentation Procedures

From lip implants to lip filler, here are the surgical and non-surgical treatment options that can enhance the shape, size, and volume of your pout.

Lip Implants

Generally well tolerated with reasonable recovery time, most implants utilize your own tissues thereby minimizing risk of rejection. Safe and affordable, they are a good all-around option.

Lip Fillers

Relatively more affordable than implants, Lip Fillers utilize synthetic materials (like hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers such as Restylane® and Juvederm®), and can generally provide the same benefits of implants without surgery, however, they are not as guaranteed as surgical procedures to produce exacting results.

Lip Surgery

A more invasive, permanent procedure that generally has longer recovery times. There is also the risk of noticeable scarring from the small incisions made by the plastic surgeon. These operations, however, allow for more specificity and precision.

At-Home Lip Augmentation Treatments

For DIYers, a good collection of makeup and a steady hand can produce temporary, changeable augmentations. Over-drawing lip liners or applying lip plumping glosses and balms can be purchased inexpensively and trialed comfortably in your home.

The Takeaway

There is an extensive array of options for anyone considering a lip augmentation. Whether you are looking to trial a fuller lip look or commit to the ideal pout, there exists accessible and effective options for all circumstances.

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