The Grafenberg spot, or G-spot, is targeted during a G-Shot procedure to enhance sexual pleasure. Hyaluronic acid based injections within the G-spot are purported to increase vaginal sensitivity for improved sexual arousal and gratification.

G-Shot Overview - Everything You Need to Know

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$1000 - $2500

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 07.27.2021

Procedures and treatments for women’s sexual health are becoming increasingly popular and readily available. From radio frequency treatments to tighten vaginal walls, to labiaplasty procedures, more and more options are accessible to treat a variety of women’s sexual health issues. Women who have difficulty achieving an orgasm may benefit from the G-Shot procedure. The G-Shot procedure injects hyaluronic acid into the Grafenberg spot, more commonly referred to as the “G-spot”. The G-spot is a sensitive area of the anterior vaginal wall that some women enjoy having stimulated during sexual activity. Injecting hyaluronic acid within the G-spot is intended to increase the sensitivity of the area, making it easier to achieve an orgasm. During treatment, the woman will lay on a table with legs in stirrups, similar to when receiving a Pap smear. The doctor, typically a gynecologist, will do a pelvic exam to determine the location of the G-spot with the patient’s assistance. A special speculum will be inserted into the vagina to inject a local anesthetic to the vaginal wall. Based on the pelvic exam, the hyaluronic acid will then be injected into the location of the G-spot. The typical products used for G-Shot include Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm. A tampon may be worn after the procedure to prevent any spot bleeding from the needle injections. Normal sexual activity can be resumed 4 hours after treatment.

The goal of the G-Shot is to stimulate the tissue around the "g-spot" and vaginal walls to increase sensitivity, improving sexual arousal and gratification.


G-Shot addresses concerns such as:

Recovery Notes

Most patients are able to resume all normal activity, including sexual intercourse, 4 hours after treatment.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidates for the G-Shot are women who experience difficulty achieving sexual climax.

Not Recommended For

G-Shot is not recommended for patients who are seeking to treat pyschosexual dysfunctions such as inability to achieve orgasm or low sex drive.

Side Effects

Side effects of the G-Shot can include bleeding, urinary retention issues, constant awareness of the G-Spot, a sensation of always being sexually aroused, constant vaginal wetness, hematoma, hematuria, UTI, increased need to wake up to urinate during the night, alteration of vaginal sensations, scar formation, pelvic pains, and overall varied results.


  • Increased sexual satisfaction
  • more sensitivity


  • varied results
  • not FDA approved

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