Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

Cosmetic lip tattoos create the illusion of fuller, more pigmented lips. Candidates with undefined vermillion borders or with an ill-proportionate red lip show may seek a cosmetic lip tattoo as a permanent option for a fuller appearing pout.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Overview - Everything You Need to Know

The Skinny

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo
avg. recovery
1 weeks
$50 - $800

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 09.18.2021

Cosmetic lip tattoos and permanent makeup techniques in general have progressed greatly over the years. Instead of appearing to be wearing makeup at all times, much like scalp micropigmentation and microblading, the goal of a cosmetic tattoo is to create a realistic enhancement of facial features with natural tones that complement the individual's complexion. Lip tattoos not only focus on increasing the borders of the lips, but also enriching the color of the lips themselves to a richer shade that further creates the look of larger lips. The actual procedure will vary among individuals the aesthetic goals will differ from person to person as well as there are a myriad of devices that can be used for the tattooing. However, every cosmetic lip tattoo will begin with a consultation with your provider to determine shape and shade. The lips will then be cleansed, numbed, and the area to be tattooed will be marked. Once the procedure is complete, lips will be swollen and may appear darker than expected however this is natural and both size and color will fade during the healing process.

The goal of a cosmetic lip tattoo is to improve, refine, and define the "red" part of the lips. The red lip is the pigmented part of the lips and is separate from the "white roll", or vermillion border of the lips, which is the border between the red lip and the skin surrounding the mouth.


Cosmetic Lip Tattoo addresses concerns such as:

Recovery Notes

Recovery after a cosmetic lip tattoo is minimal. Pain and swelling is common but should resolve over 3-10 days. The area may feel itchy. Do not worry if the tattoo appears darker than expected for the first week as the pigment will fade until completely healed.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a cosmetic lip tattoo is of age and wishes to obtain improved refinement and definition of the vermillion border of the lip.

Not Recommended For

Cosmetic lip tattoos are not recommended for candidates who are pregnant or nursing. Cancer patients need medical clearance from a doctor, cancer survivors should wait 6 months post treatment before having a tattoo.

Side Effects

Side effects from cosmetic lip tattoos may include bleeding, bruising, scabbing, scarring, exacerbation of skin infections such as herpes, and unsatisfactory results.


  • short recovery
  • quick results


  • maintenance sessions
  • unsatisfactory results
  • unnatural

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