How Much Does Capillus Cost?

If you’re in the market for a hair restoration solution, Capillus® is a low level laser therapy that may be the perfect fix for you! What about your wallet though? We’ve got the details.

The Skinny

What is the average cost of Capillus®?

Capillus® is a laser cap hair restoration system that is cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It uses laser diodes emitting low-level laser therapy to promote hair growth and hair follicle health through increased blood flow (you can compare this system to Hairmax or Bosley).

An important note about Capillus®: It is a direct to consumer product, meaning you don't need a prescription or the guidance of a medical professional to use it. Capillus® products can be purchased from Amazon or the manufacturer, and these retailers have varying return policies, restocking fees, and warranties. The average cost of a Capillus® system is between $800 to $3,000. Curallux has an entire line of products that can augment and enhance the results of the low level laser therapy (LLLT).

AEDIT Average Capillus Procedure Cost Range Chart

  • Average Cost of Capillus®: $1,500
  • Price Range for Capillus®: $800 - $3,000

Capillus® can be used for thinning hair, androgenetic alopecia, pattern baldness, and general balding. The baseball cap is a laser device powered by a battery pack. There are few side effects, and most patients see improvement in their hairlines and hair regrowth in a few months. The laser therapy cap can be used with minoxidil (Rogaine) and other hair regrowth products.

The Specifics

What affects the cost of a Capillus® treatment?

There are four systems in the Capillus® line offering varying levels of LLLT intensity. Depending on unique candidate needs, one system may be more appropriate than another. Purchasing the Capillus® system directly from Curallux will offer the most consistent pricing, and the manufacturer has regular sales and discounts to lessen the cost of the system.

Once purchased, the Capillus® system can be used indefinitely as directed. Most treatments are six minutes of use daily for numerous months. There are no subscription or maintenance fees for use of the Capillus® product.

What does the cost of a Capillus® treatment include?

So, what are you actually paying for? Purchasing the Capillus® unit by itself will provide the LLLT machine for daily use. This is sufficient for hair restoration in and of itself, however, Curallux offers numerous additional products to augment and enhance the hair restoration process. These products are not necessary for use, but throughout the year they may be bundled with the Capillus® system for a discounted total cost. Additionally, Curallux offers monthly payment plans for candidates who wish to pay over time.

How much does a Capillus® treatment cost?


Let’s look more specifically at the numbers. As we mentioned, there are four separate Capillus® devices offering different levels of LLLT intensity. The table below outlines the cost of these devices. We have also included some adjunctive products to give you an idea of possible additional costs. We’ll reiterate, these are not necessary for use of the Capillus® products or creation of the desired results.

Average Cost of Capillus® Systems and Products

CapillusUltra Max Bundle$1,298.90
Cap+ Clinical Hair Therapy Bundle$149.95

Does insurance cover the cost of a Capillus® treatment?

To wrap things up let’s ask a question on everyone’s mind: does insurance cover a hair restoration system? In the case of Capillus®, probably not, but let’s take the opportunity to learn why. Check out these definitions from the American Medical Association (AMA):

  • Cosmetic Surgery: Procedures for reshaping normal structures for improved appearance and self-esteem.
  • Reconstructive Surgery: Procedures performed on abnormal body structures resulting from congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, disease, infection, or tumors.

Cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance and reconstructive surgeries and procedures might be. In the case of a hair restoration, there is hardly ever a functional indication. As such, it’s a cosmetic procedure, and it won’t be covered.

In certain unique cases, candidates may be pursuing a hair restoration following hair loss secondary to a medical condition or medication. Some seemingly ‘cosmetic procedures’ may be covered if a medical provider has sufficient documentation of medical necessity and evidence that alternative therapies failed. The ASPS has more detailed criteria you can review with your provider during a consultation.

And one final note: hybrid procedures (aesthetic and functional) are not necessarily covered. Basically, unless you have a consistently proven and documented medical condition, Capillus® will not be covered.

The Takeaway

Over-the-counter laser therapy devices like Capillus® can be an effective treatment for hair loss in men and women. Laser hair growth is a minimally invasive alternative to a hair transplant. Clinical studies do not systematically show these types of therapies are entirely efficacious. Hopefully, we've given you an idea of what a Capillus® investment may cost you in the treatment of hair loss.

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