Calf Augmentation & Calf Reduction Solutions

Chicken legs, muscular calves, thick calves. How about we change the label to shapely calves? A plastic surgeon can help.

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The Skinny

The lower leg might not get that much attention, but, for some, the size of the calves is simply frustrating (check out our guide to Leg Shape & Size Concerns). The function of the calf in everyday life is critical to getting us where we need to go. Calf appearance is typically a matter of perception. Endurance athletes will naturally develop muscular calves and they probably like it that way. Others may experience thick calves due to excess fat or a genetic predisposition. Slim legs, on the other hand, can be desirable for some men and women, but others may prefer more muscle definition in the lower leg. Regardless of your concern, a plastic surgeon can utilize a calf augmentation or calf reduction procedure to create the ideal shapely calves.

The Specifics

Who may consider a calf augmentation or calf reduction procedure?

A brief anatomy review. The lower leg (knee to foot) contains the tibia and fibula bones, the gastrocnemius muscle (back calf), and anterior tibialis muscle (front of the calf). The calf contour is primarily defined by the musculature (especially the lateral gastrocnemius), but can also be impacted by high body weight and body fat, and genetic predispositions to calf size.
  • Small Calves: Calves that can only be seen with the assistance of a powerful magnifying object, like the Hubble telescope for example.
  • Large Calves: Calves that appear as if they are constantly hulking out or flexing on everyone.

What can you expect from a calf augmentation or calf reduction procedure?

Calf augmentation and calf reduction procedures can create a refined, toned, and proportional lower leg aesthetic. Depending on your unique concern there are various approaches to enhancing the calf appearance.

  • Calf Augmentation: Augmentations utilize implants to enhance volume, shape, and contour.
  • Calf Reduction: Reduction procedures alter nerve, soft tissue, and muscle to subtly redefine the lower leg.

Depending on the procedure, recovery times will vary. These procedures create significant and lasting results.

When should you consider a calf augmentation or calf reduction procedure?

The ideal time to consider a calf augmentation or calf reduction is when you’re feeling good and ready to look good too. Seriously though, a good candidate is in generally good health, can commit to the needed recovery time, and has reasonable expectations. Do you check all three boxes? Ok, proceed to the next question.

Why should you consider calf augmentation or calf reduction procedure?

A calf augmentation or calf reduction procedure can create the perfect complimentary aesthetic for your body type and proportions. Whether you desire a larger, toned calf or a slim, refined appearance, calf augmentation and calf reduction can restore or enhance the calf appearance.

Calf Augmentation Procedures

Enjoy the calves of a cycling legend (actually owning a bike is optional) with these augmentation procedures.

Calf Reduction Procedures

For those who want their calves to fit comfortably in slim cut pants, these treatment options can help.

The Takeaway

Contouring procedures are becoming increasingly popular with good reason. A shapely calf appearance can significantly improve the overall aesthetic of the lower leg. Calf augmentation plastic surgery and calf reduction procedures to alter the soft tissues of the lower leg, especially the muscle, can refine, define, and contour your lower leg appearance.

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