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If genetics have left you with an unbalanced set of earlobes, aging has caused ear stretching, or heavy earrings have left you with inappropriately large holes, a plastic surgeon can utilize various procedures to restore or enhance earlobe appearance.

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The Skinny

For many Americans, ear piercings (and, maybe, body piercings) are a common experience. Ear piercings are such an integral component of many individuals' body art and body modifications that some even continue on to ear stretching practices, with smaller gauges progressing to large gauges.

These practices can, however, cause permanent damage to the soft flesh of the earlobe causing the original size to stretch and eventually requiring an earlobe repair. With regular use, earrings (especially heavy ones or larger jewelry) can also cause the original size of the piercing to stretch into a large hole and create scar tissue leading past the point of no return. At a certain size, large holes can no longer be corrected through the natural healing process.

Additionally, some individuals find their earlobes begin sagging or drooping due to both heavy jewelry and aging. For others, their genetic earlobe size and shape is dissatisfactory (check out our complete guide to Ear Shape Concerns). Fortunately, numerous surgical and non-surgical procedures exist to correct earlobe size, shape, and tears regardless of underlying cause.


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The Specifics

Who may consider an earlobe restoration procedure?

Potential candidates for a plastic surgery earlobe procedure include those who have unbalanced earlobe size, drooping, sagging, or stretched earlobes due to genetics or age, and those who have experienced an earlobe trauma. Trauma may occur from injury or damage from ear piercings, heavy earrings, or large-gauge use.

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What can you expect from an earlobe restoration procedure?

Both surgical and non-surgical options exist to correct or enhance earlobe shape and tone. Permanent surgical procedures are typically performed outpatient under local anesthesia with no more than a few weeks of recovery. Temporary injectables may last for up to a year and have minimal to no recovery.

When should you consider an earlobe restoration procedure?

For age related or size concerns, treatment should be sought when patients are in generally good health and prepared for the short recovery period. Following a trauma event candidates may seek more timely treatment to correct the injury.

Why should you consider an earlobe restoration procedure?

For individuals dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance of their earlobes or for those who have experienced a traumatic injury, an earlobe restoration procedure can restore aesthetic and confidence.

Professional Earlobe Restoration Procedures

Professional procedures for earlobe restoration include both surgical and non-surgical options. For oversized earlobes due to dropping or sagging, surgical correction is minimally invasive and highly effective. For those with earlobe trauma there is surgical reconstruction. Finally, age related concerns can be treated with a variety of injectables.

The Takeaway

Whether genetics caused unbalanced earlobe size or shape, damage from heavy earrings caused changes to the original size of an ear piercing, or natural aging has caused ear stretching, sagging, or drooping, a plastic surgeon can utilize modern practices to restore earlobe integrity or enhance appearance. Reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery of the earlobes is permanent, safe, and effective, and can usually be performed in a doctor‘s office under local anesthesia.

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