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Celebrity Surgery Secrets

Insight into what potential procedures Baby Driver actress Eiza González, 28, has had to enhance her already beautiful looks

Adriane Schwartz

Baby Driver actress Eiza González, 28, is one of Hollywood's most beautiful faces and is taking the movie world by storm. This stunning Mexico-born star has been linked to A-listers like Liam Hemsworth, Calvin Harris, and Josh Duhamel, who she is currently dating.

González is no stranger to the world of plastics. She openly revealed her decision to go under the knife back in 2011 when she opted for a rhinoplasty (nose job). But, according to two of AEDIT's top Beverly Hills celebrity plastic surgeons, Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke, her experience with cosmetic procedures did not stop there. They suspect that much of her stunning looks can be attributed to further plastic surgery, BOTOX®, fillers, and overall great skin care. Additionally, according to AEDIT's celebrity cosmetic dentist Anjali Rajpal, González has enhanced her teeth and now graces red carpets with a flawless smile.

González's career has skyrocketed as much as her self confidence. In 2015, she told POPSUGAR Latina "I feel beautiful when my skin is healthy and glowy and I can walk around makeup-free."

While the doctors we have interviewed have not personally worked on González, they have revealed her potenital surgery secrets so we can make the most informed decision when it comes to our beautification plan.


Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Payman Danielpour

"It seems like Eliza had a rhinoplasty in addition to cheek contouring with fat or fillers and possibly a buccal lipectomy. It is also very possible that her face slimmed and lost some ‘baby fat’ as she matured but she most likely had some ancillary procedures as well.”

Nose: "It is a very common request to have their nose narrower and have the 'bump removed.' It is a lot more complicated than that but essentially people want a 'cuter' and more refined nose by having a rhinoplasty. In the right hands, this operation is done daily with excellent results. Meaning the surgeon should be board certified and should have performed many nose surgeries.”

Cheeks: "Placing volume with filler or autologous fat is a rather simple and in office procedure that may take less that an hour and requires no downtime with minimal bruising if any. However, if fat was removed from her cheeks (buccal lipectomy) or a dimple created, this would require an outpatient surgical procedure with minimal downtime and some bruising and swelling.”

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. John Layke

Nose: "Although many changes can be accentuated with age, I believe that Eiza underwent a rhinoplasty, as well as a buccal lipectomy (procedure to remove deeper portions of fat in the buccal region of the face that gives a more chiseled appearance). It is extremely common for a person to ask for a more refined version of their own nose. The goal for a natural rhinoplasty is to refine the existing structure that a patient already has. It is NOT to put Kim Kardashian’s nose on anyone’s face."

Cheeks: “Although weight loss can only help achieve this look, the removal of buccal fat can create a very defined cheek bone. This is a simple procedure that is performed in 30 minutes through two small incisions inside the mouth.”

Downtime: “The downtime for a rhinoplasty can be one to two weeks where you may avoid being in public due to bruising and swelling. A buccal lipectomy only has a few days of recovery with one week of mild swelling and bruising.”

Cost: “For a rhinoplasty and buccal lipectomy? Approximately $12,000-$15,000.”

BOTOX® and Dermal Filler: “She most likely has BOTOX® and has had fillers to accentuate her cheeks. Usually 28-36 units of BOTOX® are necessary and one to three syringes of filler are required. This would cost a few thousand dollars.”

Skin: “I believe that she uses a good cleanser, possibly a few serums, a good moisturizer and sunscreen.”

Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, Anjali Rajpal

Teeth: "It appears that Eiza González may have had her smile transformed with porcelain veneers. As a teen, her lateral incisors (pair of upper teeth) looked smaller in proportion to her current laterals. While in the past her central incisors were more prominent now all of her front teeth follow the curve of her lower lip line, and they look more uniform in size with a similar shape along the incisal edges as well. They have definitely made her smile brighter, being a lighter shade, and give her a more polished look. Depending on how many veneers she got I would say $15,000-$20,000, and whitening can be $350-$700."

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